Monday, March 5, 2012

Just A Few Lines

Just a few lines to let you know we are well .I have had internet trouble the last three months.The phone lines have moister in them that has prevented proper internet connection. It's is a work in progress,lol! That was around Christmas when that started. THEN.....  my computer died , OMG ! For good this time. So had to wait to get a new one . They are few and far between since the war and the ones we have are pretty expensive but my son found me a sexy one by Dell , that I love . Moe too. He says it is nice and quite ,lol .But that presented a whole new batch of problems , such as transferring programs ,pictures, music,etc.That is being done now. A slow process by several angels of genius intellect.And some where in the last 3 months , my computer chair broke ,lol !!! A angel got me a new one of those too . Am I blessed or what ? So , that all happened !

We have had our good days and bad ones, but we are basically doing ok now.Missed you all . Thought of you much , wondering how your holidays were .I said prayers for you that all is well with you and your loved ones.

Things are improving here safety and politically wise day by day. Every little achievement is a miracle celebrated.Set backs are abundant but we turn a blind eye to them in hopes that they too will get ironed out soon.We have electricity all the time now . |Yummy junk food is back on the grocers shelves adding even MORE to my lovely curves,lol.Gasoline is normal priced and available all the time .That makes life nice. Still no secret deodorant though. Hope lives in my heart lol, that it too will mysteriously appear one day soon.

Ok , until I get the computer /internet problem completely fixed , don't look to hear much, if any, from me anytime soon . Ok? Don't worry about us , we are all good here.