Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog Reader Appreciation Award

This is a RED LETTER DAY ! You have   visited over 15,000 times ! When I started "On The Edge Of Something" blog I never dreamed this many of you would vist . Thank you for you comments . Thank you for your visits! OTE

Our Adventure Of The Day

With 1st of September coming up in a day , things are getting prepared all over Libya for the 40th year celebration of the Great Revolution by Muammar Gaddafi  .

 Things are being moved to Point A and C for the many celebratory party's that will take place over the next few days . There will be horse races , air shows , dancing , speeches ,party's , fire works , and the annual parade .

Today , while driving into town , or trying to , we got stuck at Point B here in Tagura . We sat in a traffic jam for sometime not moving at all . The lane of traffic next to us knew something we didn't ... a short cut . So , I decided to follow the cars and see where it would take us .We went down a little tiny road that at one time might have be a horse trail that has been enlarged over the years to accommodate cars .It twisted this way and that . Around corners and bends in the road that I prayed would not turn out to be dead ends . In and out of pot holes that would swallow a car , maybe ? Many times I had my heart in my mouth as we barley scraped by walls of houses . Quite an adventure ! By the time we made it to were we wanted to be to being with, the traffic jam had cleared out ! Figures huh ? LOL !

We decided to take a different route into town than the one we had originally chosen because it was less likely to be anyone's Point A. , B. , or C. So , off went down the new/old road . This road was under construction for over 20 years and has been used so much  the last 19 years, it needs to be repaved again. There are bumps and dips in the road here and there but NOTHING LIKE THE ONES WE HAD DRIVEN ON EARLIER . LOL ! 

So , we are driving along , all happy with ourselves for avoiding all the traffic . Making good time when all of the sudden the driver in the car in front of me , swerves a wide right in the road . I am thinking he must know the road well. There must be a hugh pothole  ahead in the road , so I do the same thing. I start to laugh my head off when I see the HUGH POTHOLE .... it is a teeny , tiny DIP in the pavement ! LOL ! After all the potholes we had driven through on our "short cut" in Tagura , the dip in the road was a joke ! I told Moe ,"these City Folks just don't know what a REAL POTHOLE is ! They should come and take the "short cut" and see what one looks like!" 

So , that was our adventure of the day. Hope you had a good day. If you are in Libya , enjoy your national day on 1st of September .

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Muslims In America

I came across these articles and thought you might like to read them too .They are about Muslims in America .

New Documentary Film Explores Muslim Experience in America

"The film portrays the experience of Muslim Americans by examining various Muslim communities across America, from big cities in the East to small towns in the Midwest. The film focuses heavily on the voices of ordinary American Muslims and how Muslims fit into contemporary American society.
The research team traced the roots of Islam in America back to Sapelo Island, off the coast of Georgia. There they met a descendant of an African slave brought to the country in the 19th century. They also visited the oldest mosque in America in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The film team conducted interviews with Muslim and non-Muslim students, political and religious leaders, and community members to explore the breadth of socio-cultural perception of the Muslim-American community and the attitudes of that community."

Muslim Americans Find Their Voice Through Advocacy, Engagement

Muslim organizations bringing message of inclusiveness, involvement
The Muslim Public Affairs Council is part of a growing constellation of national organizations that are making Muslim voices and views heard. They include the large and influential Islamic Society of North America, the advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations, and the New York-based American Society for Muslim Advancement, which stresses its work in interfaith activities and cultural exchanges.
Two active legal organizations have emerged as well: Muslim Advocates, founded in 2005, and the nearly 500-member National Association of Muslim Lawyers.

Diversity, Faith Define Evolving Identity of Muslim Americans

Muslim Americans forging a community that “flourishes in democracy”
They are Muslim and American — and constitute part of a remarkable community that, in large measure, mirrors the diversity of the United States itself.
Muslims in the United States come from 80 different countries and tend to be younger, better educated and in more highly skilled or professional careers than the general population, says Zahid Bukhari of the Georgetown University-based Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding.
Along with their varied ethnic identities, they are Sunni and Shiite — and range from orthodox to secular in their beliefs. They comprise recent immigrants as well as younger generations born in the United States, according to a 2007 survey by the Pew Research Center.
“We are the only country where you have a representation of the global Muslim community,” says Daisy Khan, executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement. “You can call us a mini-hajj — and an opportunity to be a model community for others.”

Ramadan 1st Week

I am sitting here wondering what to write about. At night when I go to bed my mind just goes off on all sorts of things to talk about , but now I am here staring at this blank screen .... well , phew , not a darn thing. 

Moe has stopped going to the gym since it is Ramadan and is in the Condo with me 24/7. Don't get me wrong, I love the man ... BUT ... 24/7 is too much of a good thing if you know what I mean? Oh , he is so nice and obtrusive, but he is ALWAYS there! I feel like he is sucking all my air. I am the sort of person the cherishes her down/ alone time. I think I might have made a good hermit in Medieval times , maybe if I had a good book to keep me company .

Other than that , things have been going smoothly here for the two of us this Ramadan. I am reading the Quran everyday. I am having to revise my arogant thoughts that I will die and go straight to Heaven , lol. I have read the Quran many times over the years and I always get something new from it whenever I read . This time, I am finding that it is the little things that are gonna be my down fall if I don't change my wicked ways. I am trying , but I am such a sinner, lol , that I fear there maybe no hope ! LOL ! I think I better get off the computer now and go try to save my soul! Peace out , OTE

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Surviving The 1st Day Of Ramadan

Yesterday was the start of the month of Ramadan in Libya .What a start I got off to, let me tell you! First off I woke up early so that I could go to the store to buy fresh ristah pasta (this is very similar to angel hair pasta, nice and fine, that is steamed and served with a tomato sauce on top of it) that almost everyone in Libya has the first night for dinner.

Moe and I went down the stars in a silent building. I was thinking to myself HOW quite it was with all the men at work, when we walked outside the building to find that every single car was still parked. It looked as if no one had gone to work. Now that was odd. Sometimes during Ramadan the government and some private businesses will allow their employees to come in an hour or even two later than normal because of the custom of staying up so late during Ramadan. But even so, 11:30 A.M.? No one was at work yet? Hum? Then Moe said maybe since this was the first day, just maybe, everyone had the day off from work.

We got in the car, drove down the deserted street. It was so eerie! Not ONE SINGLE SOUL IN SIGHT!!!! Not a one! OMG! What was going on here? Had the Rapture come while we were asleep? Some Christians believe that before Christ returns to Earth in the Second Coming , all the true believers will be taken up to Heaven and only the wicked people will be left on Earth to suffer through the trails and tribulations of the Anti Christ's coming .I was beginning to think they might have been right after all since no one was outside but us ! We drove down our street, then another before we saw one other car besides our own. Ok, so there were some other sinners left on Earth besides Moe and me. I wasn't too sure whether to be comforted by that thought or not.

We made it to the store with out seeing another person until we saw the clerk inside the store. Get this; there weren't any other customers inside the store. Now, this is getting down right spooky! We bought our pasta and drove on over to down town Tagura where little boys sell bureek skins. They are made from wheat and are similar to wanton skins. You put a stuffing inside, roll them up and fry them like an egg roll or a spring roll. So GOOD! Their mothers make the skins for them to sell. That done, we drove back home, only seeing a few more cars on the road. Then brilliant Moe looked at me, started to laugh and said," you know don't you that today is Friday?" In Libya Fridays are like a Sunday everywhere else, a week end day.Oh, thank God! That mystery solved, we came home where I went into the kitchen to begin cooking.

Later in the afternoon our son and his wife, with Haroun came over. That's when most of my troubles began. I almost burned the onions that go on top of the pasta sauce … twice. The sauce was the next victim, it nearly scorched beyond saving, but I rescued it after all. As if that wasn't enough near disasters, I burned the coffee grounds as I tried to preheat them before making the coffee. THEN ….. I compounded that mistake by dumping the very hot smoking coffee grounds into the plastic garbage bag in the trash bin slamming on the top to keep all the smoke fumes trapped inside the bin, so I thought. My daughter in law helping me in the kitchen opened the trash bin to put trash in the bin, what else? LOL! Only to discover that the trash bag was on FIRE! OMG!!!! Dare I ask what next?

I just proceeded to go down hill from there. The oven was called the refrigerator. The TV I called the oven. I won't tell you what I called the refrigerator! I was fasting, NO COFFEE, trying to speak comprehensible Arabic, and think all at the same time, a very dangerous combination! We made it the time to break our fast all in one piece, without me burning down the Condo.

Today before I went into the kitchen to cook, I sat and read the Quran for an hour .I felt a sense of calm before entering into battle. Hum, maybe I spoke too soon, I think I smell something burning. Gotta go check it out!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan Greetings

Mohamed and I would like to wish you , your family a wonderful Ramadan filled with peace and love .A renewed strength in your faith , and charity in your heart.
Blessings ,

How Ya Doing ?

Hey ! Sorry I haven't posted recently OR even had time to read any of your wonderful blog posts ! It has just been crazy around the Condo these last few weeks what with being sick , lazy , lazier , and then super busy procrastinating ..... well, I haven't really had much time to do anything else! But hey , I have put that all behind me now , moved on , and have " JOE " ( the atmosphere / weather ) for Ramadan . I am finally ready for RAMADAN and not a minute too soon since it starts tomorrow .

Yep , I stayed up until 4 A.M. last night cooking the stuff that I can freeze ahead of time . Yeah ! We got the shopping done last week before they jacked up the prices in the stores .Today I spent cleaning , ugh ! Tomorrow all I have to is survive the 1st day , cook dinner and try to remember to be nice ! Hum .... oh , and pray that I don't break my fast with a bad thought or word .Phew ... looks like I am in for it !

I want to set aside a time to read the Quran this year with Moe ,everyday to remind us why we fast , to renew our faith , and strengthen our resolve in Islam . It will be good . I am looking forward to this since we tend to lose sight of what Ramadan is really about, what with the visiting, cooking , and the special TV shows brought on TV only during Ramadan.

To tell you the truth , these are the very things we should practice year around ; Muslims , Christians , and Jews , alike . Remembering Allah / God / Jehovah , paying HIM homage in our deeds and prayers .Not just something we bring out of the closet like special clothes for special occasions such as Ramadan, Passover, or Christmas , but every day .I am ashamed to admit that " I have to TRY to make TIME for reading the Quran " . What does that say about me ? That I am a slackered that needs to get back on the Straight Path .Wishing you well , Peace out , OTE

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Job Opening Available

This is hysterical.

If it had been presented this way, I don't believe any of us would have done it!!!!


Mum, Mummy, Mama, Ma

Dad, Daddy, Dada, Pa, Pop


Long term, team players needed, for challenging, permanent work in an often chaotic environment.

Candidates must possess excellent communication and organizational skills and be willing to work variable hours, which will include evenings and weekends and frequent 24 hour shifts on call.

Some overnight travel required, including trips to primitive camping sites on rainy weekends and endless sports tournaments in far away cities!

Travel expenses not reimbursed.

Extensive courier duties also required.


The rest of your life.

Must be willing to be hated, at least temporarily, until someone needs $5.

Must be willing to bite tongue repeatedly.

Also, must possess the physical stamina of a pack mule and be able to go from zero to 60 mph in three seconds flat in case,

this time, the screams from the backyard are not someone just crying wolf.

Must be willing to face stimulating technical challenges,

such as small gadget repair, mysteriously sluggish toilets and stuck zippers.

Must screen phone calls, maintain calendars and coordinate production of multiple homework projects.

Must have ability to plan and organize social gatherings for clients of all ages and mental outlooks.

Must be a willing to be indispensable one minute, an embarrassment the next.

Must handle assembly and product safety testing of a half million cheap, plastic toys, and battery operated devices.

Must always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Must assume final, complete accountability for the quality of the end product.

Responsibilities also include floor maintenance and janitorial work throughout the facility.



Your job is to remain in the same position for years, without complaining, constantly retraining

and updating your skills, so that those in your charge can ultimately surpass you


None required unfortunately.

On-the-job training offered on a continually exhausting basis.


Get this! You pay them!

Offering frequent raises and bonuses.

A balloon payment is due when they turn 18 because

of the assumption that college will help them become financially independent.

When you die, you give them whatever is left.

The oddest thing about this reverse-salary scheme is that

you actually enjoy it and wish you could only do more.


While no health or dental insurance, no pension, no tuition reimbursement,

no paid holidays and no stock options are offered;

this job supplies limitless opportunities for personal growth, unconditional love,

and free hugs and kisses for life if you play your cards right.


Friday, August 7, 2009


Have you ever noticed how when you want to go to sleep sometimes , everything on your body starts to itch ? First it is a little tiny flick of a itch on the side of your nose , like a mosquito just flew by your head . That puts the idea in your mind that there ARE mosquito's in the bedroom and then that's all you can think about , those mosquito's looking for a nice juicy place to land on your body to suck your blood .

Then you feel something on your leg .A twitchy something . Something that keeps coming back After you have already scratched that place twice ? Next it might be your arm . So , now no matter HOW hot it is , you cover up with the sheet so that whatever it is that is crawling all over you ; and here your imagination is running WILD by now ,you won't feel it . BUT YOU DO ANYWAY ?

You toss and turn in bed and still feel that THING just as you begin to fall asleep . Now doesn't that JUST DRIVE YOU CRAZY ? You even go so far as to get up and turn on the lights to FIND the demon mosquito that you are convinced is on a personal mission to make you miserable ! Hunt as much as you will , it is nowhere to be found ! ERG H !!!!

Next you try to convince yourself that there ISN"T anything in the room with you and it is all in your mind . Your skin is crawling by now and every nerve in your body is on a red alert for any incoming enemy . You lie as silently as possible , straining your ears for any sound whatsoever , but all you can hear is the ringing in your ears from your blood pressure .

Finally you give up on any sleep and get out of bed .You go turn on the TV in the living room . And what do you know , here comes that pesky mosquito from the bedroom .SLAM ! You got it ! Hip , hip , hurray !It's DEAD ! OK , now you can go back to bed and get some sleep .No more bugs crawling on you looking to suck your blood . You are almost asleep and then you feel it ...... another darn mosquito ! OMG !