Saturday, March 29, 2008

In The Beginning- The Wall

Today ushered in the Beginning of the building of The Wall on our property . This is a very big step toward building The House .I have nagged for several years to get this far and I am so excited that it has finally happened !!!!!

It started out I nagged Moe . No Joy ! Then I nagged my son . Still no joy .What to do? A couple of weeks ago when I was out taking pictures of wild flowers I thought I would just drop in and visit The Land , you know to see what's new and say hello.I found that the Aunts surrounding land had all sold and been built up for starters .That was a shock .I am so out of touch with Family news I didn't know that had happened ,but the good thing was I could see clearly for the fist time how large The Land is and where the boundary's are located .

I went home and told Moe all about the new developments on The Land .He got all excited too ! So the next day we went together to visit The Land .We were talking about what we wanted to do in the future , what we dreamed of building .The new neighbor from across the way came out to say howdy .Well .... one thing lead to another and bim bam boom , Bob's your Uncle ! We are building a wall !

Today we went to see The Wall grow . That meant the men folks had an excuse for a conference .Next thing you know several curious neighbors come on over to see what we were doing .That lead to more conferring , kicking the ground , spitting and scratching places I won't mention here .Several times hands waved around in circles rather excitedly . I wondered what was being discussed but it was a closed conference
and I stayed my distance for once .In the end everyone looked happy and pleased with themselves . The dust had settled and the building of The Wall started again to my relief .

My son and daughter in law came to visit later in the day . I nudge a visit to The Land so my daughter in law could see it for her first time . Her eyes lit up and shone like I haven't seen before after she took a tour around the four corners of the property.She felt she had introduced herself to The Land and I think it was love at first sight !This land that has been in Moe's family for over one hundred years continuously will once again have It's Family living back on it soon , Inshallah !

Moe talks about how he and his siblings would go visit their grandmother in her old house on this land when they were little .The games they would play on the farm .The size of the pomegranates that she had grown , how the juice would run red all down their chins as they ate the succulent ruby fruit . She would laugh with them and tell them not to worry , she would clean them all up before they went home to momma .Moe says she would whisper ghost stories to them in lantern light until they were scared senseless and beg her to stop .The nights they spent with her held secretly hiden stashes of candy as special treats for the child that was cleaver enough to find their hiding places .He has so many special memories of her on The Land .Now I can't wait to start to make mine with my grandson on The Land too .

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Merry Spring !

Today March 20 , 2008, is the first day of Spring , which means it is the Spring Equinox . The Norooz which is the Iranian New Years is tomorrow . I think tomorrow is Mother's Day here in Libya also , so be sure and see or call your mom ! Good Friday is tomorrow too .

Many civilizations had, or still have special celebrations on this day .Life in it's many forms were worshiped in all sorts of holy ceremonies around the world . This is also when day and night are supposed to be of equal hours , that's what Equinox means in Latin .... equi( equal) nox (night) . Some say on this day , and only on this day , you can balance an egg on it's end to stand all on it's own . I haven't tried that yet .

And guess what else ? Tonight is the full moon too . Go celebrate life , have a moon dance . Do something crazy to welcome in the Spring ! Go out in the countryside to see the flowers that are all in bloom in a explosion of color . Merry Spring ! Go have some fun !!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mabruke Al Mawluade

Tonight is the eve ( Mozum) of the Mawluade , which is tomorrow. Mawluade is the celebration of the Muslim prophet Mohammed's birthday . The orthodox Muslims don't celebrate this day as the Prophet Mohammed said they were not to celebrate any days but the two Eids and the Friday prayers .

But here in Libya most family's get together this night to have a special dinner. Then afterwards the little boy's carry a large lite candle to symbolize the light of Islam brought into the world with the Prophet Mohammed's birth , little girls carry a large candelabra shaped like a hand called The Hand of Fatima that has candles on the ends of the finger tips , after the Prophet Mohammed's daughter Fatima . The children usually will have firecrackers to set off after it gets dark to make a loud celebratory noise much like America's 4th of July . There might be singing and dancing too . Of course there will be sweet tea after wards served with many sweets to make it a true occasion!

Each family is in charge of their own fireworks and it can get pretty competitive to see who has the most , the loudest , and can set off more than the others all at the same time . Some years you would think it is a war going on outside !The days leading up to the Mawluade and for several weeks after the Mawluade you can still hear those things going off at odd times of the day or night . I don't like this part of the celebrations because I think it is way too dangerous for children to be playing with fireworks , but every year I would be out voted !

There is the fairly recent addition of the TREE . Sometimes you will find a tree , what Christians would think of as a Christmas tree , set up in a living room . A man will present one of these trees to his newly engaged fiancee along with a complete dress outfit , with jewelry too ! Lucky girl ! This tree will be artificial , but today when Moe and I were out shopping in one of the new mini malls that have started to sprouted up around Tripoli , I saw this real tree decorated as a Mawlaude Tree . As I was taking a picture of the tree to show you , a young man came up and wanted to pose with the tree in the picture . I told him I was posting it on my blog , because people here are so funny about having their pictures taken . He got so excited ! He began to run around everywhere shouting I am going to be on a blog !!! I wonder if he knew what a blog was .

Of course all of this is strictly not religiously acceptable . The time should be spent in prayer. The next day , the actual day of the Mawluade , it is business as usual , as everyone goes about their normal day . Some years the schools and the government offices are closed .

On the way home we drove by one of the main markets in town and I had forgotten by this time that this would be a big mistake , since this is one of the area's where fireworks , cheap toy's , drums, candles , and the tree's are sold . It took us an hour to drive one short block . I would have taken pictures but the traffic demanded my full attention ! Here is wishing all of you who celebrate, a very nice Mawluade .

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stupid Joke

I love really silly stupid jokes, always have , actually the stupider they are the better ! I found this one yesterday . I think it qualifys as a real "GROANER " !!! LOL !

What's blue and real fluffy ?
Give up ?
. Why it is blue fluff , silly !

Friday, March 14, 2008

Just A Little Kiss

Is he nibbling on her ear ? Maybe he is whispering sweet nothings in her ear , saying to her " Just one little kiss babycakes " ? I think she has a Mona Lisa smile .What do you think ?

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Look At This Baby

I saw this little guy taking a rest next to a mosque out in the country side today . He talked to me when I got out of the car to take his picture . I watched in the rear veiw mirror to see if he was going to follow me home , lol !

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Camels !

I love camels ! Here in Libya you will see them in the most unlikely places , at the most unlikely times . This camel I found today as I was riding around . He was in a field with some sheep and a horse companion . I am guessing the owner was fattening him up for a wedding feast . He will of course be the main attraction . They say camel tastes like beef and has little or no fat , so it is almost cholesterol free . Sad to say it is the babies that seem to be the tastiest . Or so they say .

I found this picture on the web once and it made me think of the camels that are wild in the desert . They stay in groups and sleep on the high ways at night because it is warm . Of course that makes night driving all the more fun huh ? LOL ! Especially when there are no lights out there !

I think I got this next picture from Khadijateri's blog once . You can see camels all the time going for rides in trucks in the city or in the country . They just sit in the back of the trucks looking so cool and totally unconcerned , like of course it is absolutely NORMAL for a camel to be going for a little ride ! But sad to say here again , it isn't as innocent as it may seem . They are usually on the way to the camel market to be sold for meat .

This camel looks like he was parked . Can you imagine seeing this in America or England ? LOL ! Want to fight with him over a parking space ? Camels have a pretty good disposition ... more or less , but woe to the person that makes them mad ! They have a great memory and will NEVER forget the one who mistreated them , or forgive .

It is so amazing how TALL they are too .We were once caught in the middle of a camel herd on the way to market . They surrounded the car . It was a little scary since they towered over the car like giants . We were like ants to them . They are awesome creatures with unbelievable capabilities and patients . Something about them that commands your respect .

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

50 Years In 3 Minutes

I was sent this email with the video attached . Thought you might like to watch it too .

This is excellent and well worth passing along!
50 years of images in 3 minutes .. just awesome .. enjoy

Someone went to a lot of trouble to put this video together.
It is well worth the time for a couple minutes of enjoyment.

It takes a few seconds or so to load but very entertaining.
This is great.... Turn up volume, sit back and enjoy a review of 50 years of history in less than 3 minutes!
Thanks to Billy Joel and someone from the University of Chicago with too much time on Google!

Just click on the link below. When the song starts it helps to click on " Lyrics " in the lower right. Use the full screen option on the upper left if the images are too big or too small.