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All Fixed !

I loved these pictures ssssooooo much , that I decided to share them with you too . I think I might even recognize a few of these things , lol ! Thank God for duck tape !!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hijab Controversy

Which of the pictures below is the most disturbing to you ? Me ? I Find the 1st one disturbing . Why ? Because this Muslim woman/ girl left her home dressed in a manner that she supposed was in the Hijab style and that is was Halal . The painting below it is ART and as such should be judged on it's merits as ART . It is a expression of Artist Beauty , not a religious dress code .

I received this comment on my post Joke for the Day ......
Anonymous said...

Dear on the edge
I see the funny side, but have thought of the consequences of such a shot. every one could recognize the poor husband in such harsh society. shameful. please withdraw the picture before it goes around via mobiles.
Also would like to remind you of the (covering for your sister Muslim) The TASATTUR.

Ok ... up front ....I don't wear the hijab . No scarf , no outer covering of any sort . I dress respectable in public , meaning all my major bits and pieces are covered . I check this out Before I leave the Condo . And IF I should ever think my dress is ok and it isn't, Moe would certainly tell me that it wasn't up to par

This woman , as far as I can think , didn't seem to care too much if her butt was hanging out in public OR ELSE she wouldn't have left her home dressed that way . I also don't think that the man/ men with her aren't too concerned , since they didn't stop her wearing those clothes in the 1st place .

This is not a common site here in Libya , thank goodness . I am not too sure where this picture came from since it was sent to me visa email , but ....I DO SEE a lot of young women and older women as well , here in Libya wearing what they deem to be proper Hijab . This is the mandatory head scarf with some or all of the following .... a ton of heavy make up ( that goes for even some doctors ) , some or most of their hair showing ( so what is the whole point of the scarf to begin with ? Why bother in this case ?) a dress/ blouse that is so tight that every curve , crease , and line of their bodice is showing ( and on a few occasions , even a very low cut top showing the tops of breasts. What's that about ? ) , followed by a long to the ground ( for modesty ) skirt / slacks/ dress that again is so tight that they can hardly breath , walk or bend down in them . BUT THEY ARE WEARING THE HEAD SCARF SO THEY ARE WEARING THE HIJAB and most people here seem to think that is acceptable hijab wear. I personally don't think that is what constitutes the Hijab . And from what I have read in the Quran , it certainly isn't what was advised as acceptable Hijab wear ,either . So , my point is this, if you aren't going to do it correctly, then don't make a mockery of the Hijab as in this picture . Do it right , or not at all .

I see females all the time wearing too tight clothes , thinking it is ok just because it is long sleeved , buttoned to the top , and dragging the ground.Pluleesssssss ! Would some one draw them a picture ? Many of them are wearing so much make up that it would take 10 bars of soap to get all that make up washed off . And that is in the daytime ! BUT they have their scarves on their heads and are in hijab ! Mashallah !

On the flip side we have here in the Arab world emerging another version of the Hijab that has gone the opposite direction in that it covers EVERYTHING! The eyes , the hands , the feet ( OMG ! We might see that naughty ankle that has plagued and tempted men through out the ages huh ? ) , to the extent of a few women driving with their eyes covered by a veil AND sunglasses . This is too much also .Why can't they get it right ?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Libyans Go To USA Space Camp

Space Camp cake for all !

Ambassador Cretz with the 2 Libyan teachers going to Space Camp .

Ambassador Cretz with a few of the Libyan students selected to go to Space Camp in the USA .

Libyan documentary film maker Tarek Al Baghdadi already on the job .

Libya is sending a select few students to the prestigious NASA Space Camp this year in Huntsville , Alabama, Ambassador Cretz announced recently at the Tripoli American embassy . . This is the 1st ever Space Camp Exchange Program with Libyan youths . This encompasses 24 high school student, 2 teachers , and 3 film makers . How excited they must be !I have furnished Ambassador Cretz's speech below for further explanation of the camp and the program .

Ambassador Cretz's REmarks to Space Camp Participants

Good afternoon.

I am very pleased to be here today to congratulate you all on your selection for the first ever Space Camp Exchange Program with Libyan youth. As the first American Ambassador to Libya in 36 years, I have repeatedly said how the Embassy of the United States of America in Libya has embarked on a series of “firsts.” This time, you all are embarking on a first – the first Libyan young scientists at Space Camp.

As you have probably done your homework, you already know that Space Camp was founded in 1982 to promote the study of math, science, and technology. The school couples classroom instruction and hands-on activities that teach teamwork, decision-making, and leadership. At the Academy, students learn about the mental, emotional, and physical demands astronauts must face. Among their experiences, they will explore an Apollo 16 capsule and a Saturn V rocket, and experience the sensation of weightlessness. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton is a Space Camp alumna, from the Class of 1993. Chelsea and other young leaders participated in the prestigious Space Camp program and benefited from the scientific and educational exposure.

This group is full of future leaders of Libya, and we are proud to be sending you all on this program. You all - 24 Libyan high school students, 2 teachers, and 3 filmmakers - will make the unprecedented journey from Tripoli to Huntsville, Alabama to participate with U.S. students in a special session of Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center facility.

This Space Camp program is being conducted under the U.S.-Libya Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement. In recognition of your hard work and the history you are all making, Libyan Ambassador Aujali and Alabama state officials will be attending your graduation at the end of your program.

We are working to bring the Libyan and American people together, to continue the process of communication and open new doors for the first time. You are representing your country in the United States and we look forward to hearing your views of your experience when you return to Libya.
Thank you for representing your country, congratulations on making history, and best of luck to you all! "

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are You A Friend?

Facebook , who hasn't heard of it by now ? Do you have a account ? Are you a friend ?I have managed to avoid it so far , just as I have managed to not own a cell phone . I can live with out both ,but can you ? I read the following post on Mental_Floss blog in which the different types of "FRIENDS " may be found . So funny !

A) The Overzealous Updater

This is the friend who can’t go half a day without sharing What’s On His Mind. Honestly people. We really don’t need to know that you’ve just had your second shower of the day. For that matter, we didn’t need to hear about the first one either.

B) The Link-bot

This is the friend who does nothing but share links all day. Links to articles he’s read that he thinks the whole world should be reading, links to movie reviews, links to new games coming on the market, links to his Twitter page where he’s gone and posted 10 more links. There needs to be a limit. Some links are good, especially when they send people to this blog. But let’s impose a 2-link-max rule per day, what do you say?

C) The Groupie

This is the friend who has joined more groups than Marcia Brady did that one year in high school when she was overcommitted and frazzled. Asian Americans in Israel who Support Diplomacy with Iran? Really?

D) I Am My Kids

This is the friend who only uses Facebook to post photos of the little ones, or updates that read: “Tommy didn’t feel well today, so he stayed home from school.” Might as well not even have your own profile, just create one for the kid(s), no?

E) Spies (who used to) Like Us

This is the Ex who only friends you so s/he can spy on you and make sure you have fewer friends that s/he does, and that your new significant other is less attractive than s/he was.

F) The Wanna-Be

This is the person who friends someone with the great hope of becoming friends with that person in real life, be it a minor celeb, or just someone the Wanna-Be really admires from a slight distance.

G) The Two-facer

This is the friend who accepts your friend request just to be polite, but then Hides your updates immediately. Unfortunately, you have no idea who the two-facers are.

H) The Networker

This is the friend whose main purpose on Facebook is to build a list he can tap when he needs to for work/career. You know these friends because they only message you with e-mails that read “So you still over at Viacom?”

I) The OverPoker

No need to explain this one, right?

J) The Get-A-Lifer

This is the hardcore friend who has nothing better to do but subscribe and follow you via SMS.

K) The Attention Seeker*

This is the friend who posts status updates that are purposely vague, and therefore beg for a comment. Their status is all about getting you to respond, getting attention, getting sympathy. “Lori is scared, but hopes everything works out…” [*sent to me by my friend Dawn, who is definitely an M... see below]

L) The Over Suggester

Just stop. Okay? Let me figure out who I want to be friends with, okay? Honestly.

M) The Good Friend

This is the friend who mercifully doesn’t fit in any of the above categories and is, hopefully, just one of many normal, average facebookers you’ve friended. Let’s hear it for the Good Friend!

{Honorable mention: The Foodie — this is the friend who’s always posting updates with photos of plates of food}

{Favorite quote overheard when a friend of a Friend got a new Friend on FB — “Ah man, I’m now friends with my dad… Jesus.”}

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Ants

Ants , ants ,ants , I hate ants ! We have little tiny black ants in the Condo . I have tried all manner of things to get rid of them WITHOUT spraying poison on them and nothing has worked . They are SO RUDE ! They refuse to leave .

I tried one method my friend told me she uses . She puts sugar on the outside of her windows for them so they don't come into her house . Works for her, but our ants just eat the sugar and come marching into the Condo and demand more ! Then some one told me to pray the Sura Nemlah( that's the Chapter in the Quran named The Ants ) over them and /or write it down and put it in their path , to send them away . Well , that didn't work either ! Then , I got a email talking about all kinds of home remedies you can do get rid of ants .I tried them too . No luck there . I talked to them and I was hoping none of the neighbors would hear me telling them to take a hike to somewhere else, while I was doing it , lol .

There was even a thing that said to put corn meal down and the ants will eat it , go to their nest and die as it expanded in their stomachs , killing them . I really didn't want to do that , BUT I got desperate after we had company over once this last fall . I went in the room to see if Moe and his friend needed anything in the way of refreshments and saw to my horror , the bowl of chips , black and moving . It was the ants ! How rude of them to try to eat all the chips , and in front of company !

So , desperate measures and all that ..... I got some corm meal . I placed a little in a small dish , then put it in their direct path where they would have to walk through the corn meal . They took the bait . They ate it . They didn't die ! They came back for more ! I told you they were so rude !

After battling them all winter , well they do hibernate a little in the winter , but they never completely disappear since it doesn't get that cold here in winters , I just got feed up with them and threatened them with death if they didn't move out ! Did they listen ? OH NO ! So , last month , before I had some friends over , I sprayed the Condo all over. It worked ! They moved out . Yeah !!! Peace at last !

BUT just the other day I walked into the kitchen and saw a little black speck on the counter top . A ant ! Oh no ! I thought to myself , I will ignore it . The ant won't find anything to eat and it will leave , go back to the nest and tell everybody that there wasn't anything in the Condo for them and they wouldn't bother come back . WRONG , WRONG , WRONG !!!!

The day after that there were 5 ants , The next day 25 ants and so on . I absolutely hate to kill them .They work so hard you know . I feel sorry for them , but I don't want to live with them since they are so rude ! They really don't know when enough is enough . I was left with no other choice but to spray again .

I did , yesterday .It made me sick to commit mass murder like that , but what else could I do ? This morning I woke up to see little black bodies littering the counter tops . Their tiny little legs sticking straight up into the air . So sad .I will miss the pitter patter of their tiny little feet ...... NOT !

Friday, July 10, 2009

Beach Weather

Oh it is hot , hot , hot here and I am already sick and tired of it ! The other day it got to 107% . The next day it was 106% . Today we are having a cold front with the temperature a cool 103% .

I hate it when it gets like this here . The humidity shoots up to 1o0% . I have the AC going full blast , set on Arctic and it is still hot in the Condo! You take a bath to cool off and before you can even get dressed you are sweating again .I can't imagine sitting on the beach in this heat .

And speaking of the beach , I think I mentioned that the Boy Scouts were camped on some of the beaches here in Tagura . I passed by them the other day when it was 107% and felt so sorry for them . They are bivouacked in old army tents and sleeping on the ground on top of mendars( cushions that Libyans sit on the floor with ) . They looked so hot and listless . At least they can go jump in the sea when they can't take it anymore .

My daughters sent me photo's of our granddaughters f
rom this past week . They are growing so fast !!! And so cute too . Of course they are super smart too , they are MY granddaughters after all ! LOL ! Gail just celebrated her 1st birthday . Here is a picture of her eating her cake . Sophia is sitting up all by her self now, in this picture at 7 months .What personalities they have too ! Now I sound just like your typical grandmother but can't help myself .

Ramadan is only a short 6 weeks away and I am already trying to get somethings organized and out of the way before it starts this year . It will begin in the middle of August this year and I am really not looking forward to it this year to tell you the truth . I think it will be a much simpler Ramadan than we have had in the past . The focus on the contemplation of the holy month and not so centered around meals as in the past .I say that now , but we will see . Things have away of getting out of hand during Ramadan .

Sunday, July 5, 2009

How Gullible Are You ?

Just how gullible are you ? Do you believe EVERYTHING you read ,hear, or told by the news medias , your governments , advertisements , doctors , and/ or taught in school ? Take this simple little test and find out if you are a free thinker or not . Here are my results :

Your GF score is 82.

(Out of a range of 0 - 100, where 0 = mind slave, and 100 = free thinker.)

Mind slave

Free thinker
(You) 100

Free Thinker

Welcome to the top 5%. You're a true free thinker and a person who is well informed about the reality in which you live. Although you may have been easily manipulated earlier in life, you eventually gained lucidity and developed a healthy sense of skepticism that you now automatically apply to your observations and experiences. You are endlessly curious about human behavior and the nature of the universe, and you have one or more lifestyle habits that most people would consider odd or unusual. You are not only of very high intelligence, you are also extremely creative in one or more areas (music, art, software development, inventing, etc.)

If you were in The Matrix, you would have taken the red pill, completed the combat training, and started fighting (and beating) agents from day one.

Your architects: You have cast off reality distortions taught to you by your parents, schooling, corporate advertising and government propaganda. You create your own beliefs based on what serves you best, without much regard for what the rest of the crowd is doing. You are guided by your own internal code of ethics (which may or may not agree with politically-correct ethical codes) rather than any pre-set system of ethics (such as from any one religion).

Some Of This And Some Of That

Yesterday was the 4th of July . In America it is known as Independence Day and celebrated by by BBQ's , cook outs , picnics , fireworks at night , and in general just being happy to be a American .

Celebrating the 4th here in Libya is very different for me . For one thing , no one here cares what day it is , including the embassy . They have decided this year to invite the registered citizens to a thing at the ambassadors residency this year , along with local big wigs , BUT not on the 4th of July !

This is like the 3rd year they have celebrated the 4th on a different day other than the 4th . I just find this weird . Why bother if you can do it right ?And in the middle of a work week at that . If you are going to post pone the event , at least do it on a week end , right ? Well , that's my 2 cents worth on the situation .

This month we have a lot of birthdays in our family . My niece , her younger brother , my son today ; Happy Birthday Kamal, and my oldest grand daughter will celebrate her 1st birthday this week too .

It is definitly beach weather here in Tripoli today ! It is over 100 Fahrenheit . The beaches were PACKED yesterday. On Friday especially it was bumper to bumper cars on the freeway coming back into town from the beaches .Amazingly, as I drove by the beaches today , I noticed the beaches were fairly trash free.It is so nice to see more and more peolpe taking their trash back home with them instead of littering the beaches with garbage .

This year many of the Libyan Boy Scout troupes are having their annual summer camps here in Tagura on the different beaches scattered around. I see their tents and their camps all neatly set up but haven't seen the boys yet .I imagine it is pretty hard to keep them out of the water all the time , lol !Hope they have a great time !