Thursday, July 31, 2008

Capital "P" & More !

In my previous post , Spot a Lair Quiz , I did pretty well . I owe it all to raising kids , I think , lol ! I helped raise my sisters nine children . I did tons of babysitting when I was a teenager too . Then I married and had my own children . I could almost always tell when they were lying as little children because they would get this funny expression around their eyes and mouth , like Bill Cosby does when he is trying to pull a fast one on one of his TV sitcom shows . I can't describe it, but you know he is lying when you see that LOOK ! And so where my kids , lol ! To this day I can still see that look on their faces and I just have to laugh at them because I KNOW what's up ! LOL !

Today I went to " Beauty Street " as Khadijateri calls it . It is the whole sale district for beauty products all on one street !!! Every womans dream come true , AND all at a discount !!!!! I mean what more could a woman want ? I went for hair color . I am thinking of having Shelia throw some red high lights in the next time I go see her . So I needed some of that , then I saw this wonderful lipstick I couldn't pass up . Somewhere along the line of shops I bought a Chinese fan to use during weddings when they get hot and stuffy . I saw some rather exotic electric blue glittery eye line that I barely passed up . And my friend that went with me bought some promised soothing spa like bubble bath that is supposed to transport you to some place other than where you where at the time of the bath ! I am waiting to see how that went for her . Maybe she went to some place MORE exotic than Libya ?

All my friends are going to see Sheila , or have already been to see her. They are all looking MARVELOUS DARLINK ! I am trying to work out a schedule around Ramadan . If I go too early then I have to go twice and if I leave it too late then I end up looking ... well ... AWFUL !!!! Oh help , I am a damsel in distress !!! What to do ? LOL !

They are paving the street out in front of the Condo now . They have raised the road bed , put a rock foundation down , packed that real good , and now are laying the asphalt . Looks like this winter back strokes are out . I think we can sell the ARK too . Had Moe building one on the balcony this past year JUST in CASE we have the usual flooded street when the rains come in the winter . In the past you needed a boat just to get in and out because the road flooded so badly . Now , we have a real paved road ! Oh , HALLELUJAH
and Happy Days ! This winter I will confidently drive over to my friend and neighbor knowing that somewhere under all that water is a paved road, not mud , waiting to suck me down to the depths of the underworld ! More PROGRESS WITH A CAPITAL "P" !!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can You Spot A Liar A Mile Away ?

I took this quiz to see if I was as good as I always thought I was at spotting a liar . Here is the results . Test yourself and see how good your instincts are at spotting a liar .

You Can Definitely Spot a Liar

Maybe you have good instincts. Or maybe you just have a lot of experience with liars.

Either way, it's pretty hard for someone to pull a fast one on you. You're like a human lie detector.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

USA Congress Votes Spending for Global Fight Against AIDS, Other Diseases

I will provide the story below for you to read , and the link as well but I can't help but wonder , will any of this money , medicine , and aid find it's way here to Tripoli ? Will the Libyan government take it if it is offered , use it for the Aids victims here ,and match the American funding if they do accept this aid package , with more money of it's own ? Hope springs eternal they say .

Congress Votes to Triple Spending for Global Fight Against AIDS, Other Diseases

Thursday , July 24, 2008


WASHINGTON — The House voted Thursday to triple money to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis around the world, giving new life and new punch to a program credited with saving or prolonging millions of lives in Africa alone.

The 303-115 vote sends the global AIDS bill to President Bush for his signature. Bush, who first floated the idea of a campaign against the scourge of AIDS in his 2003 State of the Union speech, supports the five-year, $48 billion plan.

Passage of the bill culminated a rare instance of cooperation between the White House and the Democratic-controlled Congress. It was "born out of a willingness to work together and put the United States on the right side of history when it comes to this global pandemic," said Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., a leader on the issue.

The current $15 billion act, which expires at the end of September, has helped bring lifesaving anti-retroviral drugs to some 1.7 million people and supported care for nearly 7 million. The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, known as PEPFAR, has won plaudits from some of Bush's harshest critics both in Congress and around the world. Both Democrats and Republicans hailed it as one of the most significant accomplishments of the Bush presidency.

The United States, said Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, "has given hope to millions infected with the HIV virus, which just a few years ago was tantamount to a death sentence."

According to a study by UNAIDS and the Kaiser Family Foundation, the United States provided one-fifth of AIDS funding from all sources — governments, international aid groups and the private sector — in 2007. About 40 percent of the $4.9 billion disbursed in 2007 from the G-8 countries, Europe and other donor governments came from the United States.

The legislation approves spending of $5 billion for malaria and $4 billion for tuberculosis, the leading cause of death for people with AIDS. It authorizes spending of up to $2 billion next year for the international Global Fund to Fight AIDS. The measure also provides $2 billion, on top of the $48 billion, for American Indian water, health and law enforcement programs.

While some GOP conservatives questioned the sharp spending increase, others said the U.S. aid had important security as well as moral implications and gave a needed boost to America's reputation abroad.

The pandemic, said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., top Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee, "is leaving a trail of poverty, despondency and death which has destabilized societies and undermined the security of entire regions." The program has enhanced the U.S. image around the world, she said. "Even in the most remote areas of Kenya or Haiti, for example, people know about the PEPFAR program."

PEPFAR has focused on nations in sub-Saharan Africa that have been devastated by AIDS, but it has also provided assistance in the Caribbean and other areas hit by the pandemic now affecting some 33 million worldwide. Even with advances in treating the disease, there are still about 7,000 new HIV infections every day around the world.

The new bill, like the current law, states that 10 percent of funds should be allocated for orphans and vulnerable children. It sets as a goal preventing 12 million new HIV infections, treating more than 2 million with anti-retroviral drugs, supporting care for 12 million people infected with HIV/AIDS and training at least 140,000 new health care workers and paraprofessionals.

It increases attention on women and girls, including stressing the importance of preventing gender-based violence.

Pamela W. Barnes, president and CEO of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, applauded the bill's target of reaching 80 percent of HIV-positive pregnant women with services needed to prevent transmission to their children. "We are still only reaching 34 percent of pregnant, HIV-positive mothers with the medicine they need to keep their babies HIV-free," she said.

The final product took months of compromise: Democrats took out a provision in the existing act requiring that one-third of prevention funds be spent on abstinence education but allowed for reports to Congress if abstinence and fidelity spending falls below certain levels. Conservatives won "conscience clause" assurances that religious groups would not be forced to participate in programs to which they morally object.

Bush, who originally proposed doubling the program to $30 billion, first balked at but later accepted the $50 billion bill that passed the House in April. The Senate diverted $2 billion of the $50 billion to Indian programs and inserted a provision that more than half of funds for AIDS programs go for treatment and care.

The Senate also attached a measure, welcomed by AIDS advocacy groups, that ends a two-decade-old U.S. policy that has made it nearly impossible for HIV-positive people to get visas to this country as immigrants, students or tourists.

The bill is named after former House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairmen Henry Hyde, R-Ill., and Tom Lantos, D-Calif., who wrote the 2003 bill. Hyde died last November, and Lantos died in February as he was working on the new bill.

The Last Lecture

The Last Lecturer Dies

Pro. Randy Pausch lost his battle with cancer . His was a gifted life that enriched others .For more , read this article .

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's Going On !

The other day my good friend took pity on me and drove me to the fabric souk ( market ) here in Tripoli so I could buy some material to have clothes made . This was a tricky endeavor as the souk has moved locations several times .Not the actual soul it's self but the location where the fabric is sold has moved from place to place . I don't understand , along with most everyone else here in Tripoli , why things don't stay in one place. We aren't talking about just fabric either . Other things have a tendency to not be in the location where you bought them last .

But anyway ..... the current fabric market is in the poorer , rougher part of town that I am unfamiliar with and a chicken to drive there myself , not knowing the area well. My friend volunteered to drive me . I had asked her not just because she is a excellent driver , fearless and bold , but she could also keep me on track .

I have this problem when faced with buying material . I have had it for many years now and it used to drive my girls crazy when they had to go with me to purchase material in the past . I go into a store to look at the cloth and get caught up in another world . One in which there is sensory overload ! I see colors that dazzle me in rainbows . I feel soft , smooth , rough , bumpy , silky , satiny , hairy textures . My fingers tingle with the touch . My senses reel with the patterns that beg me to wear them . This one shouts flaunt me ! That one says remember the gown you had in these colors long ago ? This cloth promises to keep me warm in the cold winter to come . That piece says I would be so comfy as a robe , what do you think ? A cat print seductively growls , I will make a animal out of you if you take me home with you ! By the time I make it to the back of a store that sells material I am done for ! Completely confused , unable to make any rational decision at all !!! I have been known to walk out of a fabric store with some very strange purchases that never see the light of day again once I get home with them because they are sooo not what I needed or wanted in the end . But I loved them when I bought them , lol !

That's why I had my friend along . She constantly had to remind me what my mission was , what I needed to buy , and keep me moving along even when I weakened . Several times she had to physically remove me from a store with a stern reminder that I still hadn't made my main purchases yet and to keep on looking ! Now that's a good friend indeed !

In the end I did make a couple of buys that were not on any list but , then life is like that isn't it . Not all things can be planned for and a brilliant piece of cloth that begged me for a new home got lucky ! I can't wait to see how the tailor will translate these dreams into reality for me . A new dress to wear to up coming weddings after Ramadan . Haven't had one of those in many years . Then several dress slacks , along with a couple of long slinky skirts to wear when the weather turns cool again . Several blouses to go with all of those things and a house dress or two for comfort . A whole wardrobe !

After I bought all that material I came home to find my daughter had written me to say that my son in law stood in line at the post office there in the States on his day off to FINALLY mail me my packages that were to have been sent one and a half years ago . I had given up on that ever happening , hence all the cloth and plans for long needed clothes ! I am thrilled beyond words ! I appreciate his sacrificed day off to mail these boxes to me .

Way back last September I rented a post office box here in Libya so that my daughter could mail my packages to me . You may recall I mentioned the adventure here on the blog . Now what started all this P.O.Box thing was that Khadijateri was always telling me how she gets her packages from "home " from her family there in the States . I was dubious to say the least since I can remember the days before internet that it took a minimum of six to nine months just to send a letter to the States , let alone a package .But she swore she got all of her packages and I could too . I was a believer and here we are now . The packages are to arrive in Tripoli this coming Monday .Now , we will see how long it will take them to make their way to Tagura to me . And I hope all the contents are still in the boxes since things have a mysterious way of disappearing sometimes .Keep your fingers and toes all crossed for me .Eyes too if you think that will help also ! LOL !

Moe is struggling to learn all the ins and outs of the Mobile Phone world . He gets frustrated with trying to remember all the complicated steps involved to program his phone .He gets embarrassed having to ask other people for advise that he doesn't catch the first time around , or even the third time , but I encourage him to keep on trying to learn . I tell him it isn't a easy thing he is doing but I just know he can if he keeps on trying . So he gives one more try .

The first night he got the phone he left it laying on the coffee table when he went to bed early . I had stayed up to watch a late movie , when his phone rang .I was surprised , after all it was a brand new number that hadn't been used before . Moe hadn't give the number to anyone yet either . So , who could it be now ? I answered the phone because I was curious and I also didn't want the ringing phone to wake him up . I said hello and at one a.m. I heard a woman asking me who I was ! I hung up . LOL ! Then I remembered WHY I hate telephones ! LOL ! So , Moe has a girlfriend now . He thought it was so funny that his first call was a " mystery " caller ! LOL !

I got my hands on Ken Follett new book , " Pillars Of The Earth " at long last ! I have tracked it down from one person to another here . Always when I contact this friend or that friend that I heard has the book , they have already sent it on it's way to some one new . I captured it and I am planning on devouring it as soon as possible ! I think that's what I will spend this week end doing , reading it , living it , lost in that other world .

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pop Corn Brain Phone Video

One good reason to hate cell/ mobile phones ... see what your brain looks like on a cell phone , lol .

The News In English

Please ignore the 1st two entry's for this post . There was a malfunction with my finger and the button !!! LOL !

I think I mentioned in a past post that my daughter in law and grandson were staying with us while my son is working in the dessert . That made my last week very busy and exciting with all sorts of activities . LOL !

My daughter in law , bless her heart , was so nice and helpful . She did many things I hadn't been able to do around the Condo , while Moe and I enjoyed having all of the time with Haroun we wanted ! He wore us out but he was also exhausted , lol ! By the time he went back to his own home on Saturday , he understood English when I spoke to him . I think if he had stayed here a little longer he might have even started to speak it . Maybe next visit . His mother announced at the end of her stay that she and my son are expecting another child in the up coming year . Amazing , this time last year I had only one grandchild , now I have two with two more on the way . Talk about making up for lost time , lol !

Moe has entered the techno age finally ! My son gave him a mobile phone which I was surprised to learn Moe already knew how to operate ! Just goes to show you age is no boundary for learning something new ! Now , we just have to get him a number to go with the phone so he can use it . I guess I am the very last hold out against having a mobile phone . I can't stand the things . As a matter of fact ... I just hate phones in general . They are a intrusion on ones privacy I think .

Update on the seranti thing ...... remember me telling you all about trying to get the roll down shutter in the living room fixed a while back and we still needed a part for it ? The other day AFTER my daughter in law washed the windows in the living room , I realized that it still wasn't fixed yet . I had just become used to seeing it half way down and since the windows were so dirty ( I never do windows ! Just a matter of principal !) I had stopped paying attention to it . So , today we called the guy , or rather Moe did since the guy is still sensitive to speaking to women ,and he said he would come next week to finish the job . So , please would someone out there remind me to make sure I follow up on that ? I would like to get that finished before Ramadan starts .

Speaking of Ramadan ... it is ONLY in six more weeks !!!! I am going to have to get in high gear this year and start to stock up on stuff from now for Ramadan . Hopefully that way I will have a minimal of shopping to do during Ramadan . I hate to shop for food during Ramadan because it is soooo crazy crowded in all the shops and the people( me included ! Some times ) are pushy !It is supposed to be a charitable time of the year ... yata yata yata .... but can get pretty nasty out there in the mean streets !

So anyway as far as I know , the first day of Ramadan seems to be on September 1st , which the anniversary of Qaddafi's Fatah Revolution . This is celebrated here in Libya much as the 4th of July is celebrated in the States . This year marks the thirty ninth year of the Revolution . Now since the 1st day of Ramadan and the 1st of September will both be on the same day this year , it will be a interesting day this year .

Monday, July 14, 2008

What My Mouth Says To People

Here is what my mouth says to people .... according to this quiz , lol , anyway . Check it out and see what your mouth is saying to people .

What People Think of Your Mouth
People see you as both flirtatious and intimidating.
Your friends are secretly put off by your seductive powers.
And strangers either fear you or obsess over you - sometimes both.
No way to fight it - you're a natural vamp. Or rake.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wiggle Worm

My grandson is staying with us. He has started to walk all over the place , lol . It took my daughter in law , Moe, and I all most ten minutes to get Haroun to be semi still long enough to snap these pictures of him ! They aren't his best pictures but they show you how active he is now he can go where he wants to go , when he wants ! As a dotting grandmother I have to admit he is something else !

My son is in the dessert for a while and my daughter in law called and asked if she could come spend some time with us . We said of course . We have tried this several times in the past and it wasn't very successful before for either one of us , due mainly to cultural differences , but this time , knock on wood , it seems ok !My daughter in law is a big help to me and I really appreciate all she does for us . It is so nice to have Haroun around too !

It is strange to have someone else in the house with us after several years on our own with out kids . It has interesting for all of us . Like remembering to close the bathroom door or not running around in skimpy clothes , lol ! My daughter in law has had to make adjustments also since she is used to her own home . All in , things are going well !

Last week I was pretty busy . I went to Sheila's and had the "works" . I felt like a queen when she finished with me . Sheila does a mean pedicure with a message like nothing you have ever experienced before . I always feel so pampered after a day with her . I don't know what we will do here in Libya when Sheila decides to retire .

I was invited to a coffee for a friend that moved back to the States nine years ago and is here for her sons wedding .It was fantastic to see her once again , especially since I thought we would never get to see one another in this life time . We have stayed in touch through e mails but it's not the same as actually talking face to face . She looked marvelous !!!

One of my other friends here went" home " to visit her family this last month . She also took her married daughter with her husband and little girl , to introduce them to the American branch of the family . My friend was due back two days ago . I called the day after she came back to do some catching up on her trip,when her husband told me she was still stuck in Rome with her son in law. Supposedly when they were going through immigration in Rome on their way back here the Roman officials discovered that my friends new American passport hadn't been translated into Arabic on the back of her passport as the Libyan government requires in order to enter Libya . It didn't matter that she is married to a Libyan, has family here , or even lives here . So , she had to wait until the next day to go to the American embassy there in Rome to get the translation that the embassy here didn't do when they issued her a new passport . Thank goodness she wasn't traveling alone . And thank goodness she had her son in law along to help with money and morale support . Otherwise what would she have done ? This same thing happened to another friend of mine several months ago on her return trip from the States to Libya, also . She got stuck in Germany . Only as luck would have it she happened to run into a employee there in the German airport that was helpful and found her a official translator that worked in the airport to translate her passport for her ... for a hundred dollars . Good thing she happened to have one hundred left from her trip huh ?

Oh, the other thing that happened this past week was my daughter giving birth to my grand daughter . That was the most exciting thing so far !!! I got to talk to my daughter last night after she came home from the hospital and was so overwhelmed with emotion . We talked and talked . It was so good to hear personally from her that all was ok . And I guess that about sums up whats been going on in my life lately .

What about you ? How have you been doing these hot summer days ?Anyone spending time at the beach ? Anyone going on holiday ? If so where ? Is the gasoline prices affecting your summer time plans this year ?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

She's Here !

Gail made her grand entrance into this world yesterday July 9, 2008 . She came in at eight pounds exactly and twenty inches long . We are ecstatic over our first grand daughter !!! Mother and daughter are both doing well .

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Food For Thought

Like some foods , this food for thought might give you indigestion if you are allergic to the truth .This will link you to Lawrence Of Cyberia
who writes mainly on the Palestinian/ Israeli on going conflict . This particular blog post concerns the death of the Palestinian who last week drove a bulldozer into several cars and a bus or two , killing some Israelis .This was brought to my attention through PH
's blog quoting Lawrence's post .Thanks to PH !

Now , I am pretty sure that this new food will not cause your allergies to bother you at all . There is a new blog by Serena named
Kaleidoscope .It is devoted to poetry ... for now , but I have it on very good authority that in the future it might also feature art as well . Taste this blog and see how good it is !!! This poem is all about our world famous Sheila!!!

There is another new blogger in Libya called
My Being Days written by Caught In The Middle that I think will not cause too much allergic reaction in your diet .LOL ! She is a 32 year old that according to her profile says : "I'm a 32 year old living in Libya. I created this space to talk, talk about my life, my loves, my struggles and my rocky road to heaven. I hope you enjoy." I hope you do too !

Happy reading !

Friday, July 4, 2008

Up In Smoke

Last Thursday , the Libyan police burned drugs that were confiscated in drug crack downs across the country recently . They were taken to the beach in Tajoura and burned in the open air on the beach . A large crowd that had gathered to watch cheered as the drugs went up in flames .

One eye wittiness report said a local chicken was seen later staggering around from being intoxicated by the smoke in the air . I wonder was there a run on munches in the surrounding neighborhood stores since there was a slight northern breeze off the sea moving the smoke southwards over nearby residential homes .

This is a positive step in the right direction for the war on drugs here in Libya . Hope this continues and that maybe this will also lead to the establishment of free drug rehab clinics to help the addict over come this terrible plague that has contributed to the death of many here from HIV/ AIDES and assorted hepatitis's .

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth Of July !!!!!!

All across America today people are celebrating America's birthday by coming together , having parties , going on picnics , barbecues outside , eating watermelon , homemade ice cream , apple pie , potato salad , and corn on the cob dripping in butter . Home cooked hamburgers , briskets hot off the grill , and hot dogs by the dozens are being devoured by millions of Americans as they relax from playing all sorts of sports , going to parades across America expressing their love and pride of country , enjoying outdoor concerts that feature patriotic music which accumulate in watching fireworks later in the evening . Happy Birthday America !

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tony Benn On Hard Talk

I am sure some of you are tired of me shoving politics down your throat but some things are just too amazing not to share with you . Here is a link from the BBC ( yes again with the Chee ! LOL !) for a interview with Tony Benn on Hard Talk with Stephen Sackur .

This amazing man, Tony Benn is 83 years old , retired from Parliament and sees the world as it really is these days . Here in this interview he expresses his thoughts and views on the British polices and the direction the British government is moving away from democracy . He expresses his concern for the dangers facing the UK if this trend is allowed to continue . This is not a stuffy old man shooting the breeze , but rather a clear minded man that loves his country . Well worth the time to watch the video .