Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Love Affair

Like most things in my life , I was either too late, or  too early . Or I was too distracted by life to really pay attention at the time of whatever it was to notice, and now I play catch up . I know I have talked about Led Zeppelin many times here, but once again I am tugged by their shear genius . I sit now listening to their classics and am so totally blown away by them .I have a love affair with them , a shame they don't know it ,lol.

The scale  and innovation of what they wrote is equal with many classical composers .Their skill is WOWERFUL! The guitar rifts, the drums, the harmony, the verses ,the power, the emotions .I could go on but I will save you from that torture .Sometimes when I listen to them , I am so completely amazed by what they accomplished when I stop to consider that they were on heavy duty drugs or alcohol  much of the time in that period of their life.There are many bands and artist that are equally talented but no one on this scale in my opinion .

The members of the band have gone on to do other things to much acclaim as individuals , or as in John Bonham's case , died .No mater what their endeavors may have been , they embody success .I love them.Once again , I give you a video from them to judge for yourself what you think.Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Name This Tune

I have a song that I am gonna write . I keep hearing it on every ones lips these days . It goes something like this ...." When the money comes , we're gonna ( insert what ever it is you want or need here)  , when the money comes . You continue singing like that until you run out of all the things you need or want...... WHEN THE MONEY COMES ! I think it will go platinum in one weeks time , don't you ? Ha,ha,ha !

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Back On The Map

Here is an exert from a letter to my sister. She was wondering if we had fallen off the face of the map :

Well , I guess I should have had a V8 huh ? Ok , so , today, after MUCH , and I do mean MUCH , To-ing and Fro-ing by Moe and I to the local phone office, and after they gave us our own service phone number ( LOL , I think they were secretly afraid we would pitch a tent in the phone company lobby ) to call them and report that the phone STILL didn't work , we got it fixed! Can I hear a YEAH ?I am still in shock .

It got so that when Moe would call them to tell them the phone was still out , they recognized his voice and didn't even bother to ask him his name , lol .Whatever , I am just glade the thing works !!!! And the internet is working too ! ALL AT THE SAME TIME ! Now how convenient ( BTW ... is it just me or do you think that word is spelled weird too ?) is that ? SSSSOOOOOO ... here I am , live and in person ! We are doing well here , aside from a hiatus from all modern modes of communications .Hope the rest of you are all doing well too.

We had some rain here last week and looks as if more might be on it's way to us here in Tripoli. It all started on Groundhog Day night , Feb.2 . Rained almost non stop for 5 unheard of days.You can imagine the flooding in a dessert city .Although , I have to say , for the most part , the water has drained away pretty fast in most places. Then you have the other places where it is still a inland sea ,lol . Thank goodness for the new paved roads. At least on the paved roads , you know what is underneath the water .And the public works department has done a very good job of trying to keep the drains in the roads that have them , clear and functioning .Hats off to those gays !

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