Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Click For Life

Please help fight Breast Cancer by clicking this link . The Breast Cancer site will donate $10,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Organization . The trick is it must have 100% participation by the end of this month and so far there has only been 87% participation . If none of this is making any sense to you , just go to the web site to see what I am rambling very ineffectively about . And click ! It's free . No in- formation is required from you , or donations asked , just a click of your mouse . Two minutes of your time to save a life and help research find a cure for this deadly disease.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

D.I.Y. Job

Ever wondered HOW Stonehenge was built ? The ultimate "Do IT Yourself Job" , huh ? People for thousands of years have wondered that , along with the question of WHY . Well, one man thinks he has the answer to the "HOW" and has made a video of this feat . You can watch it and make your own decision for yourself .

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just Rambling On

Hey ! What's been going on in your life lately ? Spring is here and love is in the air along with the usual hay fever, in most parts of the world . Funny to link hay fever and love in the same sentence isn't it , but they are sorta the same thing when you stop and think about it . One makes you sick from too much pollen and the other eventually makes you ill from too much love. Both are caused by excess of something , right ? Just a thought that wandered through my mind at the moment , so be patient with me . LOL !

I have had plenty of time for reflection and daydreaming these last couple of weeks . I have had a re-occurrence of an old ailment that has caused me to be stuck in the Condo ..... A LOT ! One thing has lead to another and you know what happens to idle minds ..... weird thoughts , lol .

Like ... should people eat genetically engineered food ? I know that there are studies showing that it PERFECTLY safe ... blah -blah-blah ! BUT ... Do they REALLY KNOW ... FOR SURE ? Or are the scientist just trying to sell the public on a new ideal they are promoting ? HUM??? How many years of studies do they have to be so sure this is a good idea or not ?

Another thought going through my mind .... is it ok , truly ok .... to be allowed to genetically engineer the appearance of your unborn child from a vanity point of view ? Like ... what if you and your husband/or wife both have black hair and green eyes but think that black hair and blue eyes would be much nicer ? Should you be allowed to have this genetic modification made to the fetus ?

I think it is ok to modify the fetus for genetic markers when there are clear indications for inherited diseases or things of that sort . Many of you might not think so, but I do . I mean if you know your child has a hugh chance as a adult to inherit the colon cancer that runs in your family and you have the ability to make it go away BEFORE the child is born , why not ? Or prehappes breast cancer runs in the family . What would you do if you could remove the chance of it happening to your child ? Is this playing GOD or something only the rich can afford ? Should this service be provided to all people as a matter of health care automatically ? Like vaccinations ? A basic right to good health care ? What do you think about these things ? How do you feel ?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog Award !

Hey, y'all ! look what I got .... my very 1st Blogger award from Tomus Arcanum . Thanks so much Tomus ! This is really fantastic !!!

The award is:
  • a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

  • to seek the reasons why we all love blogging.

The aims of this award:
  • Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
  • Don't forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
  • Answer the award's question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
  • Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.
  • Don't forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.
I do love to blog and share my in's and out's with you all . My soap box , moans and groans too .I also like to read about you as well and your blogs .

It is a very small world we live in. When some one in Brazil can reach out and touch my life here in Tripoli , that just goes to show you how inter connected we all are and how important it is too open our minds and hearts to others in different parts of the world .To be more receptive to new cultures, experience new thoughts , to view the world from a different prospective . A butterfly in a forest can flutter her wings and the breeze from that flutter will be felt around the world . Can you feel the breeze ?

I would love to pass this award on to my mentor , Khadijateri , of course.
I would also like to pass this award on to .......

My Personal Space- PH for always being thought provoking .

The next person would be Anglo-Libyan who always has something interesting and new to share about Libya .

Here is my little sister Pinky that writes of love , children , life away from home and so many other things .

Then there is KhedegahMc who has married a Libyan .He lives here in Libya while she is stuck in Ireland .This all about her adventures of Life .

I of course love Rosebud's blog about her new life in the States and her memories of her old one here in Libya .

And to all the other bloggers out there ..... Keep up the good work !


Monday, April 13, 2009

Patches , Le Chat !

The cat went in heat 2 weeks ago . She was yowling one night so bad I stayed up to shush her up so the neighbors wouldn't complain . I KNOW.... I should have her spade but I am afraid to do it here since I once lost a loved puppy due to a wrong injection given to it and said never again . We never let our cat outside , never.... ok ? No chance of baby's .

Moe and I had been out and was huffing and puffing up the stairs when the two busy bodies in the building were standing in their door way, stopped me to chit chat . One lady asked me was my cat still alive . She is 10 years old now . I told them yes . Then the other lady asked me did she go out side ? I said No NEVER ! She said to me I am sure I heard her outside last night in the hall of the building . I looked her right in the eye and said NO! Not my cat ! She is strictly a indoor cat !

We talked a little bit more to be polite, since the real reason they stopped me was to ask about the cat , then I went on to our apartment . The minute I opened the door , Patches , our cat , starts to meow as loud as she can ! LOL ! I slammed the door shut hoping against all hope that the neighbors didn't hear her !! Oh well , I guess the cat's outta the bag ! Hahahahha , get it ? LOL !

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thinking All About You

I was just sitting here thinking . Thinking all about you and how special you are to me . I am all alone with my thoughts. Maybe I should share them with you here and now . Sorta clear the air so to speak , but it is more of a Show and Tell thing , so click here to see what I was thinking about .

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rain Chasers

Today was a treat . Moe and I were sitting around the Condo BORED out of our minds doing nothing . He was sniffling from his cold , me, I was just wanting to go take a nap.I was staring out the balcony doors at some gun metal steel grey storm clouds roiling in from the sea . The BBC had predicted we would have possible rain over the next day .... MAYBE ! I got excited thinking we might actually get some rain when I spied the clouds but didn't have my hopes up since we had heard this all before . It looked like we might get that rain after all .

I asked Moe did he want to go to the beach and have a sandwich sitting in the car and watch the clouds roll in . Of course that was a stupid question ! He said yeah ! Off we went to the beach . We stopped got sandwiches and coffee then drove over to the beach which was deserted .We had prime parking choice .

We sat eating sandwiches watching the clouds move in to land from the sea . The ships at sea were heading for the port in town to avoid the storm .We could see in the distance the different parts of Tripoli that were getting the rain . The clouds were moving in land toward the farms deep inside the country side where they need the rain . It was thrilling to watch .

I had my eye on one blue black cloud that was dumping a ton of rain as it moved in our direction from the sea . I was anticipating the rain falling on us in the car . The sound , the smell but it never happened . It stopped raining just as it reached the THE EDGE of the sea shore ! I was soooo disappointed !

I had a brain child . We would drive toward the rain and follow it on it's journey to the inland farms .Off we went on our adventure of rain chasing . At first I was afraid we had left it too long and the rain was too far ahead of us to catch up with it . Plenty of clouds but no rain .

Then a drop or two of water hit the windshield .OK ! We drove further . Then it was sprinkling off and on . Now we were in the farm areas outside of town .All of the sudden the sky poured down lovely sparkling dancing rain .We opened the windows and let it come in the car . It felt so wonderful ! Cool , satiny smooth against our warm skin .

Sanity entered the picture and we had to close the windows , we were getting drowned , lol .We drove all over the country smelling the rain as it moisturized the parched the earth . We drove around for a hour or so following the rain where ever it went , not caring where we went . What a day ! The picture above is sorta what the clouds looked like . Just imagine that coming off the sea towards you and then you know what we saw today .Wish you could have been with us .

Wicked Game

I am sure most of you have experienced this , you turn on the radio and hear a incredible song . One that switches ALL THE RIGHT BUTTONS on inside you . You think to your self , "WOW what a SONG ! It says it all" . Or maybe , "How did I live my whole life with out this song " ?

Some songs strike a chord inside your being that makes you hum and vibrate . I have had this happen to me many times to the point that I had shivers running up and down my skin . I think you know what I am talking about . It doesn't necessarily mean these things have happened to you , what is being sung about in the songs , or the music being played , but you are simpatico with it . For that brief moment in time , you are that music .

The song below is one of those songs . I want to share with you . I hope you have sound on your computer and can listen to it . Here is Chris Isaak's " Wicked Game" .

Friday, April 3, 2009

Strang Going On's At The Condo

Things have taken a strange twist around the Condo this last week or two .Things on the " To Do List" have been getting done. Moe took the car last week to have a few of it's more noticeable dents and dings knocked out of it . While they were at it they put the bumpers back where they belong , that was pretty nice PLUS he FINALLY got new wing or side door mirrors on the car to replace the ones that got smashed off that time the big truck tried to do what all women do when they wear tight clothes , squeeze into a small space not made for a large object!

As if that wasn't enough to win my undying love forever , he took it a couple of days ago and got the AC fixed too ! AND the oil changed !The guy that worked on the car made a bold decision all on his own and took it to be washed too . I think my car might have a attitude problem now it looks like a new car again !It wants to SPEED ... fast! And it honks it's own horn at handsome little red sports cars without my permission . What am I gonna do with Her ?

The mechanic told Moe the reason the AC didn't want to work wasn't because it was afraid of catching cold and dying , but that a rat had crawled up inside the AC unit motor sometime in the past and DIED !Now we know what that smell was !Phewwww !OMG ! Can you imagine ?I really should drive more often huh ?

The windows are so clean that I can now see the other drivers in the new mirrors! And that is something else ..... I have had to teach myself how to drive with out "swivel head" .You know , when you are constantly swiveling your head around to see what is coming at you from either side behind the car . SO wierd !I had forgotten what that was like , to just be able to look in a mirror to see stuff . AMAZING !!

Next on the list is to take the computer to the" fix it place" and have them find out where the sound went .And yes , I did and so did Khadijateri, check the sound boards and what nots .No sound . I have all sorts of things that are just waiting for that to be fixed so I can listen to them .I keep putting it off , since it means I will be sans computer for a while . Just the thought makes me shudder .I guess that falls into the catagory of " do what you gotta do " .Hate that catagory . It usualy means something not too pleasant will be happening to me .Only one way to find out , just go do it !