Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Women's Lib In Libya

I found this story at the BBC web sight .It is about Libyan women and their climb to equality in the work field .I found it accurate in covering the advances and disadvantages women in Libya face when working.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008 14:08 UK
Women's lib takes off in Libya
By Rana Jawad
BBC News, Tripoli

Kulthum Bouseyfi graduated as one of Libya's first female pilots and three years on she is still one of the country's few.

Kulthum Bouseyfi
The sky is the limit for Kulthum Bouseyfi

"I remember one time when I announced, 'This is Captain Kulthum Bouseyfi', some elderly men panicked," she says, recalling some funny moments working for state-run Afriqiyah Airways.

"They started shouting, 'How is that possible? It's a woman!

"Then the cabin crew took some of them to the cockpit and reassured them that the system could be learned by anyone."

The aviation industry in Libya is arguably one of the country's most male-dominated sectors.

But Ms Bouseyfi's story is a sign that things are changing in what was once a man's world.

"I thought that no-one would accept women working in such a field," she says.

"But I see people's respect when they find out I am a pilot."

Ms Bouseyfi's dream is to establish her own commercial aviation company.

The times they are a changing

The emancipation of women in Libya has come a long way in the last few decades.

They now make up more than 22% of the workforce, compared to just 6% in the 1970s.

Libyan law provides free and equal participation for women in all social, political and economic activities.

Famous women have included ministers and judges, as well as doctors and lawyers.

As the country shifts towards privatisation, female entrepreneurship is bearing fruit from IT companies to accounting firms.

Ibtissam Ben-Amer owns a franchise of the French chocolatier, Jeff de Bruges, in Tripoli, but her experience has been bitter-sweet.

"It was not easy," she says. "I started in business 15 years ago when there was an embargo on Libya, so that was a really difficult time."

Ibtissam Ben-Amer's chocolate shop
Ibtissam Ben-Amer wants to open more chocolate shops

"Right now things are getting better and the Libyan market is opening up very fast."

She is looking to branch out with her chocolate shop in other parts of Libya.

But in North Africa generally, fathers, husbands and brothers still have a huge say in women's choices, so women's lib is an uphill struggle.

Haifa El Geblawi, who works for a foreign oil and gas company in Libya, says she has the support of her family to pursue her career but other women are not so lucky.

"Some men prefer their wives to work in schools - that way they get to come home earlier," Ms El Geblawi says.

"The husband still depends on her to take care of the children, the housework and cooking. So even if she works, she still has to do all of that as well."

Rough terrain

In private, young Libyan women, who are considered "too liberal", will complain of being sidelined or even excluded from business trips abroad because their male bosses want to pre-empt any gossip.

Our society is very conservative and patriarchal
Libyan business woman

A young Libyan business woman shared her experience on condition of anonymity.

She works in a government investment firm while most of her peers work in the private sector.

It is in the civil service, she says, that she comes up against many barriers.

"Our society is very conservative and patriarchal," she says.

"It is unusual for a woman to live on her own and work in the public sector. I struggle all the time to overturn the stereotype of women working only as secretaries.

"As a result, my ability to do my job is often hindered and made difficult. I deal with bureaucratic and chauvinistic obstacles every day."

The Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has been seen as an emancipator of Libyan women.

He has challenged social taboos and even appointed female bodyguards.

Libya's military academy for women also had foreigners training in it during the 1990s, including recruits from Sudan, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

But despite the progress, Libyan women in the security field are in the minority as society's perceptions of more traditional roles for women prevail.

And the abiding image in Libya is still of women who rarely mix with men in public and still cover themselves up with a veil.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lopsided Policies & Politics

I was reading a commentary by Ann Woolner for The on line magazine entitled " U.S. Sides With Oil Firms, Not Libya's Victims: Ann Woolner " in which she is discussing the possibilities that the US congress might exempt Libya from a four month old law forcing former / or other wise considered terrorist sponsored states from compensating it's victims of terrorism .She is very much against any such action on the US Congress part to allow leniency as is most Americans .

She sites some reasons for the law passage in the US Congress and gives examples of the acts that are heinous by any ones thinking , the States that condoned them or actually sponsored the appalling ( Among such plaintiffs are hundreds of Americans who sued rogue countries responsible for terrorizing them or killing people they loved.These are men and women who have been kidnapped, held captive, tortured or maimed, or whose child, parent, husband or wife was blown apart by a suicide bomber or an exploding airplane carrying a bomb.The families of 241 Americans killed in the 1988 bombing of a U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, last year won a $2.6 billion judgment against Iran. In January a judge in Washington awarded $6 billion against Libya because of the 1989 bombing of a French aircraft in which 170 people were killed, including seven Americans. ) actions .

President Bush is asking that Libya be exempted from this new law since it will hurt the newly signed trade agreements between the two countries . The oil companies in particular , also construction , as well as much needed technology support systems such as telecoms and internet .

Ok , this isn't too surprising considering the state of the American economy and the price of oil on the open market .The need in Libya for almost everything after years of imposed sanctions left the country in a commodity's vacuum limbo . My question along with many Libyans is this .... WHEN will America compensate the Libyan victims for the 1986 bombings by America to Libyans sleeping peacefully in their beds when they were bombed into wakefulness ?

The bombings here in Libya that killed , maimed many people , destroying their homes and property ? Several delegations from Libya have gone to the UN headquarters in Switzerland at different times to petition for their compensation for these acts of terrorism by America . The Libyans have even tried to petition the US (The April 1986 American bombing of Libya took the lives of scores of people and wounded another hundred or so. The dead included Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi's young daughter; all of Qaddafi's other seven children as well as his wife were hospitalized, suffering from shock and various injuries. A year later, 65 claims were filed with the White House and the Department of Defense under the Federal Tort Claims Act and the Foreign Claims Act, on behalf of those killed or injured. The claimants, who were asking for up to $5 million for each wrongful death, included Libyans, Greeks, Egyptians, Yugoslavs and Lebanese.[9] Before long, the number of claimants reached to about 340, but none of their claims got anywhere in the American judicial system, with the Supreme Court declining to hear the case.[10] ) to no avail .

This has always seemed to me to be lopsided Justice where only the mighty are supported in their claims of injustice and the little people are neglected and ignored .Does this mean that only Americans hurt when they lose their family members to terrible acts of violence and not Libyans ?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Women -360

This past week saw a fabulous win for Danica Patrick at Motegi , Japan .It put her in the fast track as a top Indy Car racer . She has worked hard to achieve her goal to step into the winner's circle as the very first winning female racer on the Indy Car circuit .Danica's win as the first woman driver in the Indy Car league ranks right up there along with drag racer Shirley Muldowney, who won three NHRA Top Fuel Championships . Women are proving that they are more than capable to compete with the Good Ole Boys in the once closed world of car racing .

This brings us to the 360 degree turn of events .... women not allowed to drive in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia .Truly amazing that women are still not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia especially after reading of Danica Patrick's win this past week .It is almost as if we are living in parallel universe's . One in which women are allowed even encouraged to achieve their goals and another where women are still enslaved , in a manner of speaking .I stumbled across this link ,WSS Links : Women and Politics , in association with the Association of College & Research Libraries / American Library Association . A whole lot of association huh ? LOL !This link furnishes bio information on many women who have become successful .

March 11, 2008 BBC reported the story of Saudi Arabian woman activist Wajeha Al Huwaider's defiant stance toward the " No Driving " law in her country .Ms. Al Huwaider explains her position in a video she made while driving in violation with the "No Driving" ruling . I have included a interview with CNN Octavia Nasr , senior editor for the CNN Arab Affairs which includes Ms. Al Huwaider's statements and shows her driving a car . This woman was breaking the laws of her country for just driving a car . Unbelievable in the year 2008 !

This also lead to another unbelievable world situation which involves not only women , which I know is the topic here but I felt the real need to include this now , children , but also men ; Human Trafficking , or SLAVERY by any other name .Slavery in the year 2008 is a untenable condition that should concern us all .In any country it may be found or practiced sad to say . Please read this link I have provided to learn more about combating Human Trafficking .

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day Week





These are all the things, and more , that we stand the chance of losing if we don't work together to live a "GREENER" life on this planet Earth . Here is a link to Earth Day celebrations .
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My Wish List For Libya

Public acknowledgment that there is a large alcohol and drug problem .

Public acknowledgment that there is a large Aids epidemic in Libya .

Have a public education program in the schools , on TV and radio to raise awareness of these diseases , how to prevent them, and the treatment available if contracted .

Have Aids , alcohol , and drug treatment centers with medicines and counsellings for Aids victims , alcoholics ,drug addicted persons,and their family members readily available to all without fear of any reprisals at a nominal fee , if not free , this is Libya after all , rich oil state.

Have hospitals treat these people as if they were any other patient .

Have treatment for these people that are incarcerated in prisons .

This is the short list for now .

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brad Paisley's "On Line "

I think most of you have heard the Brad Paisley song " On Line " , but in case you haven't here is a video made with the song . To view the original song video by Paisley himself , click on the link below .This song is so funny !

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do You Drive Like A Girl Or Guy ?

Here is a fun quiz for you to take .My score is shown first , then you may click on the link below it to take the quiz .

Your Driving Is is: 70% Male, 30% Female

According to studies, you generally drive like a typical male.

You're confident in your driving skills, and hardly any situation gets the better of you.

You're a very good driver.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

"No Phone" Cake

Anyone that knows me will know that this just might be my personal anthem .Hope you like it .

Stupid Libyan Man Day

Yesterday was STUPID LIBYAN MAN DAY !!!!! I am sure it must have been a national holiday . I want to apologize to ANY Libyan man that escaped being stupid yesterday . If you were not struck down with this disease , then Al Humdullallah !!!! Count your blessings because ALL the Libyan men I personally know were either down right retarded , or just plain stupid all day yesterday . I was never so profoundly glade to see the sunset as I was yesterday !!!!!!! I hope this is like a leap year thing that only happens every four years or so .

My horoscope , that I take with a grain of salt normally , you know for chuckles and grins I read the thing , was sooo correct yesterday . It said that PROBLEMS would arise .Understatement of the year ! Then it said that I should face all difficulties with a sense of humor . I normally try to do that anyway , laugh things off . One crisis turned into two , then three , then four . I was snarling more than laughing toward the end of the day .When I thought I could not take any more drama, I tried to take a nap to avoid becoming a mass murderer . Wouldn't you know , the door bell rang . I naively opened the door thinking the sunset has come , now things have got to look up , HA ! There stood STUPID TROUBLE # 5 ! I turned it over to STUPID TROUBLE #1 to handle and took myself for a ride in the car to escape ALL STUPID TROUBLES .

Today was a great day . Stupidity has been vanished from ALL TROUBLES # 's 1,2,4,& 5 . Unfortunately I don't think there is much hope for # 3 . And the weather has had a turn for the better today also . Cool again . Hope that last for a while . Ok , phew ! I feel much better now that's off my chest ! Inshallah ( God Willing ) your country doesn't have a national Stupidity Day .Oh my GOD .... what if this catching and now all the women get it ? Will there be a vaccine in time to save womankind ?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pictures & On Line Link- Again !



Hope the pictures come through this time . If you look closely , you will notice there isn't a view to the sea today . I also checked the link and it works for me but I have included the address here for those of you that are still interested .Maybe you could copy and paste it into your window .
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On Edginess

On Edginess

I thought you might want to see the progress on The Wall ..... very slow .The man that is building it promised completion in two weeks . I knew that wasn't possible but this is slow even for Libya . They say Patients is a virtue , so I must be very Virtuous !

I just returned from taking Moe to the gym . I prefer to think it was actually an escape from Death .Today is Thursday the equivalent to Friday in the Western country's .Everyone drives especially crazy on Thursdays here . The later in the day the worse it gets .People rushing to go to work ,so they can rush to go home early , so they can rush to go out early in the evening .Rush, rush, rush, stop go driving . People short on patients .Weaving in and out of traffic , slamming on the car brakes in a screech . Dodging the drivers that never were taught the rules in the drivers handbook .Want adventure ? Come drive here on a Thursday !

To make all this worse there is a low pressure system over Libya now . It has caused shortened tempers to rise at a drop of a hat . The air is still and oppressive, smothering to breath . The sky is a brown smog that limits your view of any distance . Just looking at it is depressing .So far it is not too hot but I see on the weather widget it is supposed to turn very hot soon . The ants know the weather is turning , they are all over everything gathering whatever they can find to stock up before their little world disaster hits them .

Arabic On Line Style E Bay

Here is a new Arabic "Craig's List " style, on line free trade market for the Arab countries. The postings are all in Arabic, for Libya , at least , maybe for all the other countries as well . You click on the country flag of interest .

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dreary Weather

The weather widget on my blog says it is 21 C , but feels like 27 C at 2:00 a.m. It is predicted to get up to 32 c tomorrow . OMG ! I am NOT ready for it to get hot yet .I had to turn on the air conditioner tonight . Last week we were wearing coats at night .I have to go grocery shopping in this stuff tomorrow . It has been dusty ,miserable , low pressure , cloudy , awful weather for the last 2 day . All last week it was so lovely, clear aired.You could see all the way to Malta , well not really but you get my point . Now you can't see more than 1000 meters . Very Big SIGH !!!!!

The other night we went to a pre engagement party for one of Moe's nieces .It was in my sister in laws home . She is a gracious hostess . She aways goes out of her way to make you feel at home .Many members of the family were there to help celebrate the happy occasion . One cousin was there that is not the most loved person in the family but he was welcomed with open arms by his family .He walked up to me at one point and asked me had I ever thought about dieting ? DUH !!!!!I looked at him for a few minutes thinking and decided that diplomacy would be wasted on him so I instead asked him had he ever considered plastic surgery for his ugly face .He walked off with out a word . Men ... NEVER ASK A WOMAN THAT QUESTION NO MATTER WHAT !!!!! EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Skinny Gene's

I always knew that I was hopelessly at a loss to ever be " skinny , but now Science has just proven my theroy . Read this and weep if you have the same kind of genes as I .This really isn't FAIR ! Thank goodness Moe has the "skinny " gene . Our kids have a 50- 50 chance , lol !

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Have You Heard About This ?

UN Decides to Shut Down Internet Permanently

Global Press Syndicate

New York City, April 1, 2008

In special session, the United Nations General Assembly voted 165 to 6 with one abstention to shut down the Internet. The reason given was that the rapid and uncontrolled flow of information was destabilizing the governments of many of the member states. Furthermore, the Internet has increasingly become a vehicle for fraud and scams. Finally, the Internet produced the infamous "DOT COM" debacle which had disastrous repercussions for the World economy.

"We simply can not have all of the communications power of the Internet in private hands," said Chu-Fen Li, representative of the People's Republic of China.

"The Internet has become a channel for terrorists and criminals to pursue their agendas," was the official statement of the United States. "In addition, the decrease in mail volume has hurt the Postal Service seriously."

The six countries that voted against the shutdown were Nigeria and five Caribbean banking havens. The Nigerian representative stormed out after the vote saying that the shutdown would destroy his country's largest source of income.

North Korea made the sole abstention, with the representative Kim Son Fan saying, "What the heck is the Internet? Never heard of it."

The shutdown is to take place immediately, as soon as the representatives of the member states can E-mail their respective governments of the decision.

Financial markets reacted swiftly. Stock prices of all Internet companies fell to flat zero immediately. Several former Internet billionaires committed suicide. Several others have disappeared without a trace.

Microsoft announced that it was buying up all of the equipment and fiber optic cables from the defunct Internet companies and would use these to open a new, controlled access, subscription-only service called "Micro-Net" which would provide information, advertising, and spam free communications including telephone service to former Internet users. Prices will start at only $500 per month per user. The price of a share of Microsoft stock rose 9,615 points.

In related news, Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation announced that he will purchase the entire State of Hawaii for use as his personal resort. He said that all US military bases will be permitted to remain but businesses and residents would be required to leave.

This is a April Fools joke ! I repeat , not a real thing . Just a joke ! I did find this April Fools blog post I thought you might like . Have a Great Day and Happy April Fools Day !