Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hello Mauritius !

A very special hello to the wonderful people on the island nation of
The Republic Of Mauritius !
A paradise where dreams can come true !


MusicLover said...

I think I will stick with Key West as dollar is weak outside USA.

Deep Purple - Child In Time

Smoke on the water

Highway Star

strange kind of woman

Rose Bud said...

I will meet you there.

Queen O'Danile said...

You've been tagged!

on the edge said...

Actually all of Florida is great . Spent many happy years there. Wouldn't mind being back there
again .

In a past life I had the golden opportunity to meet Deep Purple during the start of their reunion tour of .... I think it was '84? That was too Cool !

on the edge said...

Aerosmith - Living On The Edge , my personal anthem .

Eagles - Sunset Grill , have a scar from Don's grandpa's widdling knife.

Talking Heads -"Burning Down the House"

Enjoy !