Wednesday, January 26, 2011

News Update From The Condo

Despite all that seems to be going on in this part of the world , thank you God , things are pretty calm and peaceful here in Libya.So far no shortages of anything that  is imported .It's just the same ole same ole here . It's all good .

Moe and I have had a rather lazy month . Hanging out around the apartment , going on slow leisurely drives around town now and then .Watching movies on TV and in general doing nothing much other than what is urgent , like washing some clean underwear when needed , lol .A vacation of sorts .

I decided to begin the new year in a more relaxed way than last year , so took a vacation off from the computer , Facebook , the blog, and sending emails , flooding my poor family and friends mail boxes . At first the withdraw was hard .I felt like I was cheating on my computer by watching so much TV .Then with each passing day it became easier , until I almost had to force myself to turn on the computer today to write to my family and you .

So what have all of you been up to this year ? Is it going well for you ?Has 2011 lived up to expectations so far ?Have you started that new diet yet? Began the new exercise regime you talked about doing this year ?Cleaned out the hall closet ? All those 101 things we all say we will do in a new year and STILL never get around to doing ? Write and let us know what has happened in your life so far this year .Peace out , OTE

Painting by L.C.Neil, "Peace"

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