Saturday, November 19, 2011

Men Want Shri'a Law In Libya

I found this article on Facebook tonight on some ones post. I think it says it all .In Libya, Young Men Who Don't Want Women Empowered, they like Sharia law I have talked to men of all ages here in Tripoli , of all walks of life , educated and not so educated ,and they all agree with this sentiment of having Islamic Shari'a law, as the law of the land.They think it is fair and just for all , including women

In the Quran it does say that women have their rights to own property , handle their money , right to inheritance,etc, but a women is under her father, her brother , uncle, cousin, husband, or sons guardianship all her life depending who is in charge of her .If they say she can not do something , go somewhere , have something , see someone, then she can not , no matter what her rights are , because it also says in the Quran a man knows best for a woman, and her guardian has the best knowledge for her. Period , end of story, no discussion do what he says .So yeah , for a man it is the ideal law . For a female , not so much.

I have heard university educated girls agree with this sentiment, saying a man will know what is best for me. Wives opt for the " no comment" silence when the subject of plural wives are brought into the conversation I have noticed , but in private it is a whole other discussion . Not a single one agrees with pluralism .Nor do I . It also says in the Quran that a man MAY have 4 wives ... as long as he can support them identically and most importantly and telling , equally. We all know that yes , you might have more than one love  in your life at a time , but never will you love them exactly the same . It is impossible to love more than one person at the same time, the same way as the other.Ask any parent .So , in essence Allah is saying in a very vague way , no to pluralism, I feel .

I feel that so many of these men are secretly afraid of women. The power of women , their strength, their fortitude , the ability to think for their selves, to reach a conclusion all on their own with out a man's input.Why it is so , I am not too sure since men owe their very being is due to some woman's willingness to put her life on the line giving him his own life  at birth.Her care in raising him to manhood , teaching him right from wrong , good from bad, to love and to trust. Somewhere in that man's life these teachings most have been lost,for him to be so fearful of the very beings that gave him love and kindness .It takes a strong man to love a strong woman.


Yase said...


You can read about Shahrour
interpretation about polygamy.
The women involved in polygamy are widows who have orphans...that needs to be taken care in a family net.

Dealing with the issue in a different manner is actually considered unislamic( the traditional fiqh focuses on the male supposed needs on satisfying his sexual urges while the polygamy aya deals with a very humanitarian issue, taking are of orphans.

Here is a link for more information on the subject of polygamy:


♥●• İzdiher •●♥ said...

Amzing post! I want to say a lot may be later I be back ,OK ?because electricity will cut off with in 10 minutes over here . LOL

You know what Libyans man have same mentality as Pakistani man .They think in same way . The all want sharia law. You may not believe it was Qaddafi and our leader Buhtto established same law and government structure ,over there and over here .
But after Bhutto's death in 80s we moved on but still law , nationalization 50%, mentality much same.Tribal peeps we are . Religious extremism, etc etc.

Lebeeya said...

Controlling women is more cultured based than it is Islamic-based.

I personally get annoyed by women who believe that they cannot think for themselves or react in difficult situations. I once had a conversation with a newly wed Libyan that moved to Oman and we were discussing the same exact topic when she said: "Every women should have a man that makes decisions for her or tells her what she can do or not do because if a women is giving the freedom she will screw up".

My jaw dropped when she said that.

Nothing against men, but I personally believe educated, emphasis on educated, women are more intelligent than the average man.

Ellen Keim said...

Wonderful post.

on the edge said...

Yase , thank you for your link.unfortunately many do not interpret this aya in this manner. But this information will help educate many. Thanks again !

on the edge said...

Izdiher , isn't it sad that the "victims' of this type of law making are mainly the women and the children? It just makes them 3rd class citizens .

on the edge said...

Thank you Ellen !

on the edge said...

Oh Lebeeya! You SO restore my faith in Libyan women !!!! Thank you so much for this comment !I whole heartily agree with you , hehhehe!

Allison said...

I am a female convert to Islam having been atheist. It is ironic that it is the Qu'ran that makes me feel empowered. There is a brilliant book called Believing Women in Islam Unreading Patriachal Intrepretations of The Qu'ran. Author Asma Barlas. However I am irritated by the endless books etc produced (predominately from Saudi) issuing endless so called Fatwas for women, but none for men. Ultimately as Mothers we have the influence to initiate change by educating sons and NOT giving the boys hero worship status. Men worldwide are afraid of female empowerment. Having said that, in times of war it is the men that go out to fight. I love men, but I am slighty chavanistic as I very much doubt the average male could cope with all the work that women do.
Regarding Polygamy...and I have thought long and hard on this one, and I do not agree with it. But, historically females always outnumber males (oddly this is particularly true in populations under stress). Numerically this means that some females will loose the beauty of having children. In European history how many poor women have been destitute having got pregnant by married men. How many of those women given the choice would rather be a wife than a mistress with absolutely no rights. It is ironic as well that the prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h) spent most of his life married to a woman that not only had her own bussniess, but was older than him. We could discuss this for hours, but ultimately it is women that have to change things as men certainly wiill not!

on the edge said...

Well said Allison !