Friday, December 9, 2011

Exscape To Sand , Sun , And opps ... NOT !

Those wild and crazy Gaddafi kids are at it AGAIN ! What ever are we to do with them ? This time Saadi had planned to sneak into Punta Mita, Mexico , an exclusive resort that hosts celebrities from all over the world, in order to continue to live in the life style in which he has become accustomed , along with his family , of course.The plot thickens as it involves people from New Zealand, Canada,and Mexico.And of course millions of Libya's stolen money paying for this life style of the Rich and Famous while he is on the run from Interpol arrest warrant .

In the article :  Sun, sand, celebrities and Saadi: How Gaddafi’s son planned escape to lost Mexican refuge
an exclusive report by Stewart Bell and Natalie Alcoba  for the National Post , the Canadian Libyan Council spokeswoman Amal Abuzgaya says  :

"Since ousting Col. Gaddafi with the help of NATO, the National Transitional Council has been trying to trace the billions worth of assets the late dictator, his family and associates held around the world. About $2.2-billion worth of Libyan assets are held by Canadian institutions.
The Canadian Libyan Council said if members of the Gaddafi family own the Mexican property it should be considered an asset to be returned to the Libyan people. “Any institution, private individuals or governments who accept money from the Gaddafi family is to be held accountable through the international community, as this is unacceptable,” said Council spokeswoman Amal Abuzgaya.
She said Saadi Gaddafi’s “lavish lifestyle” had come at the expense of Libyans. “The expenditure of the Libyan peoples’ money is unacceptable and needs to be returned back to the Libyan people via their transitional government.”

The deviousness of the Gaddafi's to have stolen all this money belonging to the Libyan people , putting the money into hidden assets that are basically untraceable due to most of it being in alias's , assumed and false names channeled through many different people and companies seems to be standard criminal operating procedure. Libya may never regain their money because of all the convolutions and deceit that hides their money all over the world.In the mean time , the Gaddafi family continues to enjoys a luxurious life style that many can only dream of , while they are on the run from their past. There is a saying that goes something like this... your past will ALWAYS catch up with you with a price. In the case of the Gaddafi family and Libya's money , one can only hope this is so . 

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