Sunday, January 10, 2010

What A Party !

 WOW !

That was some party huh ??? LOL ! I can't believe it is already the 10th of Jan. The last thing I remember is getting ready for New Years Eve . 

No , ok , for real ...... I was sick ... AGAIN ! I thought that was all behind me last year but food poisoning had another thought or two instead . Well , I survived and am back .

After living through that HELL , I was so excited to get back to the computer to see what I have missed  while lying in bed this past week .BUT ... I couldn't get the thing to open . The reboot menu continued to open every single time I tried to open the computer . Now for many of you this wouldn't be a problem , correct ? But for some one like me that is totally ignorant of computer speak , this was a crisis of major proportions .I was so intimidated by it all.

I was so determined to get on the computer that I took matters into my own hands and tried to fix it myself .Completely terrorized, shaking( really),I read down the menu of possible existing disasters awaiting me if I stupidly clicked on the wrong thing . You never know , like .. click here to lose all your pictures ... FOREVER! Or maybe ... click here to erase all existing files.Or .... you are such an idiot that you deserve to have your entire hard drive wiped clean, hahahahaha ( my computer might decide to channeling Evil Hal from 2001 Space Odyssey )! I am a genuine scaredy cat and things like this make me decidedly nervous ! I clicked . 

A miracle happened . The computer opened . I felt like I had been on the roller coaster ride of my life . My heart was pounding. I was breathless the way you are when the roller coaster ride is over and pulling back to the starting place . My knees were clacking together,but ,by golly I did it! The thing was working !

That was all well and good UNTIL... I tried to open the Internet. It wouldn't open .Ok , I remained calm .... sorta .I didn't know why it wouldn't open and couldn't figure that out either .I gave up and called MS. FIX IT , Khadijateri . I threw myself upon her tender mercies and begged. She came today and told me I needed a new battery . Now go figure a computer would need a battery ! God Help Me !

On top of that , I couldn't believe that we have had temperatures of the mid 70's to 80's F. the last few weeks . It is snowing ALL OVER  North America and Europe. It is after all, winter in the northern hemisphere and it is expected to be at LEAST COOL , if not freezing ! 

No rain, no snow( Just wishful dreaming on my part I know ) just miserable , relentless warm sunshine day after day . Do you believe it was actually colder in Havana, Cuba than here in Tripoli the other day? Havana , not Savannah! Miami was colder than here! Cairo was colder than here . Now what is that about ?Until last night , he he he ! We had a cold ( ok , we are talking Tripoli , Libya here , not Europe ) snap . It is windy and cold tonight and I am loving it . Pretending it might snow , well what the hell , right ? LOL ! SO FAR..... no snow .I have my fingers crossed though . I will keep you posted on that snow ,lol! Gotta go and find my snow suit . Ciao !

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khadijateri said...

It was so nice to visit with you yesterday. I stayed much longer than I intended to but I was enjoying the conversation so much.

The batteries that are inside computers are there to keep the clock running and save all the settings even if the computer is turned off or unplugged. You'll have to reset the clock and settings whenever you turn it on until you change the battery. The batteries last about 5 years. Most people get new computers before the battery dies.

The same thing happened to my computer. After a while everything else started to die on it too. So consider it a hint... it won't be long and it will be time to get a new one. So start setting aside a bit here and there. sigh...