Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Toss Salad Life

My life has been much like a tossed salad recently . You know , a little of this and a little of that ? Talking to relatives in the States , doing nothing much around the Condo , reading Obama's book , " Dreams From my Father" . Doing the laundry . Just a all round exciting life in the fast lane here !

As I read Obama's book about his childhood , I think how a multi racial inheritance influenced his way of thinking and wonder would he have been different if he had been all white or all black. Of course the answer to that is yes but it is something to contemplate anyway ? That leads me to think about my own children and their multi ethnic back ground . One child has definite feelings of having a handy cap for such a mix . Another doesn't care one way or another , and the 3rd one is 50 /50 on the situation . So , you see it is purely a personal thing .I occasionally read or hear of other people that are mixed race , religion, or nationality; of their coming to terms with their uniqueness , sometimes for the good and sadly to say , sometimes for the worse . I always thought that Moe and I were giving our  children a rich heritage of cultures , races, and languages to draw from as they grew older .Maybe that was what Obama's parents were thinking as well ?As I read more of the book , I am finding it harder and more difficult to reconcile his auto biographical details to the man I see on TV , a world leader . One man is so contained and the other is so open and vulnerable.

The weather has been wonderful for us here in Tripoli finally ! Cool days and even colder nights with spectacular sunsets seen from our balcony in the evenings . Clouds that roil in from the north over the sea bring delight to the eye .

I am basking in my solitary  leisure , doing nothing much but daydreaming .My friends have decided that enough is enough and have tried to tempt me from my den by useing my weakness , my love of good food , lol . One calls to say she has chesse stuffed hot dogs imported from Malta . Another calls to say she has a special surprise for me ...home made rasberry cheese cake with a peacan crust , a whole cup full .I have to admit , these things do tempt me , but I am enjoying the peace of my home too much to venture out .Sheilia called me the other day to ask did I need her and I had to moan that yes I did , in the worst way , but not yet.I have become a hermit .Soon , I will leave this zone of tranquility , sally forth to see these good and caring friends of mine ,enjoy their fellowship , worship in the love we share as friends , but not yet .Soon .Life is so good .Wishing you well and happiness , OTE

Painting by Mark Adam Webster ... " Grey Matter"


khadijateri said...

Sounds like you are enjoying life. When it's starts to get on your nerves let me know. I'd like to offer you a drive in the country or something - we don't have to eat food unless you want to.

My kids like being multi-cultural and different.

Pinky Tabor said...

you are blessed OTE. miss you!