Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Love Affair

Like most things in my life , I was either too late, or  too early . Or I was too distracted by life to really pay attention at the time of whatever it was to notice, and now I play catch up . I know I have talked about Led Zeppelin many times here, but once again I am tugged by their shear genius . I sit now listening to their classics and am so totally blown away by them .I have a love affair with them , a shame they don't know it ,lol.

The scale  and innovation of what they wrote is equal with many classical composers .Their skill is WOWERFUL! The guitar rifts, the drums, the harmony, the verses ,the power, the emotions .I could go on but I will save you from that torture .Sometimes when I listen to them , I am so completely amazed by what they accomplished when I stop to consider that they were on heavy duty drugs or alcohol  much of the time in that period of their life.There are many bands and artist that are equally talented but no one on this scale in my opinion .

The members of the band have gone on to do other things to much acclaim as individuals , or as in John Bonham's case , died .No mater what their endeavors may have been , they embody success .I love them.Once again , I give you a video from them to judge for yourself what you think.Enjoy!


Salma's Visual Notes said...

Salam sis...I'm just writing to say that I hope everything is fine with you and your family in Libya.

Anonymous said...

Salam Sis,

How are you holding out? I am guessing like me your internet is bad.
En Sha Allah you and Family are safe

I am still here and staying put Kxxxx