Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Of This And Some Of That

Lights back on finally at midnight here and blessed AC blasting away.It is now after dawn here in Tripoli , Saturday . I say Saturday because all day yesterday I thought it was Thursday .I opened my emails to find that so many of you have written comments of support in my crusade for the Libyan NTC to allow foreign spouses such as myself to have basic civil rights  in the NEW LIBYA as they are calling it .There are so many foreign wives and even a couple of husbands that are left feeling like a orphaned child when it comes to having the simplest rights taken for granted in other places around the world.Please NTC, don't forget us, we so deserve them.

A few reply's to several people that sent comments......
Son of Zwara : I can so relate to what you said about spouses being able to inherit in the USA . Moe and I owned joint property( our home) , businesses , cars, and each had individual checking accounts when we lived there . All of which he could have inherited if I had died. Would be so nice to have that here in Libya too . Moe has had several strokes ,has a bad heart and I am his main care taker even though he is independent and is able to do most things on his own . I still have to be with him almost 24/7 to make sure he is ok .But I can't inherit our apartment if something , God forbids, happens to him. It would go to our children.It makes me feel very insecure knowing that.You and your wife are so lucky to have one another.Moe and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in June.

Khedegah: Ah, my dear one , I have had you in my prayers almost daily and have wondered how you were.So glade to hear from you at long last . Happy to learn you are safe and sound in Ireland.I am deeply saddened to learn of the loss of loved ones in your family here in Libya and will say prayers for them .Zlitan had it hard and our hearts go out to them .I hope you will be able to get your apartment back when you come back to Misurata. It was hit so hard and now parts of Tripoli are starting to remind me of that poor city. I still can't access your blog .Take care little one .

twilatexas : You know you are my favorite oldest niece and I love you too so much !!!!

Anonymous: Thank you so much for your kind thoughts . All the best to you Monica and Massud .

Pinky Tabor: Have thought of you and the kids so many times these last 6 months. Wondering if you were still there in the Philippines or had moved back here to Libya. If your family here were ok .So happy to hear from you ! Blessings little mother.

ibeebarbie: Believe it it not thoughts of you and Amira have entertained me many a time these last few months. I can't wait to get caught up and have continued access to the net to read what the two of you have been up to lately.Thank you for your prayers. The country needs them desperately

Now I have a few things to say about whats been going on here the last couple of days.My heart is breaking . I didn't think it was possible,for I had thought it was shattered beyond breaking anymore.I am seeing on CNN  and on Al Jezzera  things I dreaded and prayed would never come to pass.These are scary days here in Tripoli.I pray for wisdom ,intelligence,patience for the new government and the people.A swift resolution for an end to this conflict .I pray that this NEW LIBYA will become a shinning example for others to follow, but in order for that to happen it must have laws that are followed by all and not slip back into the old bad habits of he who has the most " wasta"( influence) wins.Or he who has the most guns wins.Keep us in your prayers.Counting our blessings , OTE.

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ibeebarbie said...

Mabrook OTE on many occasions! The news of you and Moe's 40th wedding anniversary is definitel on the top of that mabrook. Quite an accomplishment.

I've been so excited at the wonderous progress unfolding everyday in Libya. My prayers and thoughts continue to go out to you and our Libya. I say 'ours' because I am hopeful for a more united global community.

I have no doubt the transitional change of power will be one of uncertainty which will include highs and lows. My prayer is for ease, grace and flexibility during this fluxuating transition.

Rumi said it best - 'Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world.'

My love always