Friday, August 26, 2011

Villa On The Med In Tagura,Libya

Hello ! It was last February  when I was able to post on my blog . A lot has happened as you may have heard,the war , which still rages on here in Tripoli and other places in Libya .I just wanted to say that Moe and I are both well and doing fine.Our son and his family are also well and safe.Moe's family that are still here in Libya are doing well. We are all safe ,thanks to God.

We had all sorts of adventures as you can imagine, but for right now I just wanted to thank all of you that wrote, sending your love ,prayers ,and well wishes to us and our family here.Truly the Grace of God has been with us,our family,friends, and wonderful neighbors here in Tripoli. A special prayer goes out to the families that have not been as blessed as we.The families that have lost loved ones ,been displaced, or made homeless. 
A special thanks to NATO and their support. And a IMPORTANT  message to the new Libyan National Transitional Council  ..... please ,please when a new constitution is drafted remember the foreign spouses of  Libyans such as my many friends and myself . Please afford us the rights to own our property , to inherit from our spouses ( our homes that many times we helped build or sacrificed much to help our husbands buy ,are many times NOT given to the surviving spouse due to foreign  citizenship. ), allow us to have the right to own our own businesses legally ,to travel with our multi-national children with out having spousal permission to leave the country,and the right to open our own banking account without spousal approval.

I have lived here off and on for last 40 years .I currently have lived in Libya for 21 years and have not left the country in 19 years. I have born 4 children ,three of which were born on Libyan soil. One child is buried here in Libya.I think I have more than earned the right to be granted these simple civil rights.Please NTC don't forget the silent ones like my friends and I .


Son of Zwara said...

God bless you for speaking the truth, I’m Libyan married to an American for 31wonderful years, we have a son that he is our life, she lived with me throw everything, in the last 4 years I been having heart problems, every night as I go to sleep I think what would happen to my wonderful wife if I didn’t wake up. So, I add my voice to yours asking the NTC to grant every spouses her/his writes. I am in the USA will inherit my wife and I own everything that we own, I think it should be the same way in Libya.

Khedegah said...

Salam ON THE EDGE....MASHALLAH WA TABARAKALLH, I am so happy to hear from you.
I left in on April the 4th....Through the Tunisian Border, although we were s'posed to get a boat to Malta, Alhomdolelah we did not, as they embassy were unable to help when the authorities would not leave Libyan family members and husbands out. Including children. We did not even enter Tripoli, as we were able to asscess that this may happen ourselves. Even getting from Mager/Zliten to the Border was hard, and well we only were aloud out bythe Grace of God, Alhomdolelah.

I left all my in laws in Mager, and well you have heard what happened there. We lost many family members due to the mistaken Nato bomb.
Our apartment in Misurata is now being occupied by strangers...There are so many there taht lost their homes, that the inhabitable apartments, which were abandoned, are being used as a ''Temporary home'' en sha Allah.

I have been in ireland since the end of April....we are awaiting our time when we can go home. Mager still does not have Electricity, so that filters down to NO WATER, and NO PHONES. They have very little food, and well they sold all the sheep to try and raise some money.
Alhomdolelah the Rebels are there now.....But I have not spoken to them since before Ramadan, and before the ''Majer Masacre''.

My prayers are with you...You have shown me there is hope, en sha Allah.

Thank You for being our voice SIS. FOr all us Libyan Spouses. One add for you request list get rid of the EXIT VISA en sha Allah

Love and Salam
Khedegah xxxxx
PS. I have a new blog ''Seeking.....'' That is public ;)

twilatexas said...

God willing. I am so happy that all of you are doing as well as can be expected. I look forward to your lively compositions of your life of the past few months. Just what to add.
Love ya.
Miss ya.
Mean it.

twilatexas said...

God willing. I am so happy that all of you are doing as well as can be expected. I look forward to your lively compositions of your life of the past few months. Just what to add.
Love ya.
Miss ya.
Mean it.

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog for 1½ year now. My husband and I are so happy that you and your family are OK.

We have been thinking a lot of you - missing you writing all these fun comments.

Monica & Massud (originates from Libya)

Pinky Tabor said...

dear mother,
thank you for paving the way for me and the rest of the young generation foreign wives.

ibeebarbie said...

Feel some relief from reading your words. Continued prayers go out to you and Libya.