Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Last 3 Days

Phew ! A lot has happened is the last several days . Hum....It has rained here in Tripoli off and on for the last  48 hours . Probably had more rain than all of last year? It seems like it.It began to thunder and lighting in the early hours of Monday the 3rd. Then around 8 a.m. the storm slammed into the Condo with hurricane force winds , slashing rains , thunder that rocked the building , and lighting so close it was at times in the Condo. Scared the you know what outta of us , Patches La Chat included !The bathroom window flew open and I had to climb into the tub to close the window , all the while being under threat of electrocution from the lighting .The winds were so strong I had to use my entire body weight to force the window closed so I could lock it shut.THEN... the shower curtain falls onto my head . Nice . And while I was trying to close the window uttering choice words at the top of my lungs , Patches our cat, choose that time to have a nervous break down in the hall outside the bathroom door.She was totally traumatized from the thunder.Moe was standing there watching me and the cat laughing his head off. I didn't speak to him for an hour.
This is a picture of the freeway in Tripoli under water on Monday.Go here for more pictures.

What else? The new Libyan Situation Report is out. This report gave us some good news and some sad news . Good news 1st..... they caught and arrested Moussa Ibrahim who was the Ghadaffy spokes person , a.k.a. The Liar . YEAH !!! You must remember him. He was the one that came on TV and said no one was getting killed .His song should be , " Would I Lie To You Baby"? And it is alleged that he was dressed as a woman when captured sneaking out of Sirte.Must be a good and close friend of Saadi Ghadaffy ,lol.

The sad news , well in my eyes it is ..... A Libyan war freedom fighter , who just happens to be a Libyan Jew ( yes it could happen) came to Tripoli with , he says , the NTC permission. He came to clean out the Tripoli Old City Synagogue of trash that has accumulated in it since the last of the Libyan Jews were forced to leave Libya by Ghadaffy in 1969.Mr. David Gerbi  was of course stopped. He asks the question, as do I , will the New Libya be a tolerant place to live or not?

Ok , here is how I feel about the Libyan Jews returning to Libya . If they don't live in Israel and never have , ok . If  they don't support Israel in anyway shape, form, or fashion , ok .If they are willing to return here and live peacefully as Libyans and not a crusading Jews, ok.They are Libyans that have been living in forced exile and want to return home like everyone else.You should read the article to get a better picture .

In the article on the Libyan  Jewish  Freedom fighter , Jalil was quoted as saying ,"Mustafa Abdul-Jalil said. "Everyone who holds Libyan nationality has the right to enjoy all rights, provided that he has no other nationality but Libyan." The thing with this statement is that many Libyans are living abroad with dual Libyan citizenship, including some  members of the NTC.  About yen years or more years ago , Libyans were told that they could hold dual citizenship in certain circumstances.Jalil is a lawyer and should know the law.

And last but definitely not the least .....If you are Libyan , living in the USA , here is a survey for you to take.
A quote from the survey introduction says :"The objective of this survey is the following: 1. Gather demographic data on the Libyan community in the US and collect contact information 2. Get a sense of where Libyans in the US get their source of information or updates on Libya 3. Assess all the Libyan organizations or groups in the US 4. Gauge the Libyan community’s interest in developing an umbrella organization or an assembly of Libyan American associations to unify the Libyan voice in the US." This is a very serious matter. Please take the time to do the survey.

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