Thursday, October 13, 2011

Libya - THE IN PLACE For Hollywood

You would never know that Libya isn't the hottest spot to find the biggest stars by the way they have been flocking to Libya these last few weeks.Last week Sean Penn was here to inspect war damage.To show his support for the Libyan peoples struggle to win their freedom form 42 years of dictatorship under Ghadaffy's rule.Yesterday it was actress and UN Goodwill ambassador  Angelina Jolie. She was spotted in Misarata showing her solidarity with the Libyan people in their fight for democracy.

Late last night as we were going to bed ,we heard gunfire going off all over the area . It was alarming at 1st , as I could only think of one reason for that much gunfire so late at night , and it didn't seem like a good omen. Then we heard people shouting as they ran through the streets below the Condo firing their guns. They were shouting ,"We got him .Allah Alkabar !" Then we could hear the machine guns at the check points , along with cannon fire, and rockets. Car horns could be heard as they drove down the street. The ships at sea were tooting their horns too .We became hopeful . Maybe they captured Ghadaffy? At last ? Could this actually be the end?

We rushed to turn on the tv and there we heard the good news.It wasn't Muammar Ghadaffy himself but his son Mutassim .Mutassim was a national security adviser to his father.As a soldier , he was said to be one of the directors of the war .He was captured in the battle for Sirte and sent to Ben Ghazi for questioning.Although there are conflicting statements from various members of the NTC  as to whether or not he was in actual custody .

I hope it is true . As we were out and about in town today , we passed may funerals for too many young men killed in the battle for Sirte and Bani Walid . Heart breaking to think of so many dead and/wounded.The Ghadaffys have to pay for their crimes.They have committed so many crimes against the Libyan people and the world at large.They must be captured .Countries in which they have fled should be pressured into turning them over to the Libyan government.They must be forced into returning the moneys they stole from Libyan people.It is a shame the Hague didn't issue warrants for the entire family , as not a single one is innocent of crimes against humanity.

We still have cloudy skies and cool temperatures here in Tripoli. So unheard of for this time of year. Everything is emerald green. The trees shine as they wave in the wind . The grass glistens in the sunshine when it comes out.I have turned off my life support system , the air conditioner . We don't need it, as it is so pleasant outside.The only thing wrong with this "happy camper" picture is that the internet is so slow , or I have no connection at all . Just as things were going so well .I was becoming used to internet again. Oh well .

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