Sunday, July 15, 2007

Phone Flu And Lists

Today my friend called me and we were talking about this and that . It was so nice to hear from her , as she is always busy with her business or some project , so she doesn't have much spare time . She was telling me how her kids were painting her apartment. That they were driving her crazy . She couldn't decide whether to kill them before they finished the painting , or after , since then for the funeral the apartment would look nice . LOL ! I told her I thought that after would be better , that way she could enjoy the peace and quite afterwards in a freshly painted apartment .

Then I was talking about a bought of stomach flu I had last week . I called it the phone flu . Most of my friends already have had this stomach flu. I had talked to them when they were ill with the flu on the phone , so I said I must have caught it from the phone calls , lol ! The thing with this flu was that it not only caused diarrhea , but it also gave you EXTREME , and I mean EXTREME , gas , or farts to be very blunt . I am talking evacuate the room for your life farts !!! If you were misfortunate enough to accidentally be in the vicinity of an incoming , well lets just say you might need medical attention ! Quickly , at that !

The other night I had forgotten I cooked my husband beans for dinner . Later in the evening I began to smell that odor and I knew it wasn't from me .Much later on in the evening it came again wafting around the room silently . So , I began to sniff out the source , no pun intended. The cat , oh poor thing , she had the phone virus now . Then a while later I smelled it again and the cat was in the other room , so I knew it wasn't her . Oh my Gawd ! Now my husband had it too ! That was it , we would have to sleep with the windows open , mosquito's or not , unless we all wanted to die of toxic fumes . Thankfully we all are well once again and survived that !

A while back my husband Moe and I were in the super market The Mahari doing our shopping . I am a list maker , from a long line of list makers , my daughters make list too . Anyway, I had my list out and Moe was helping me get things from here and there in the store . We turned the corner into a new isle and a little further down from us was a young couple also doing their shopping . He was obviously Libyan and she was another foreigner wife like me . How did I know ? She had a list too . She was sending him here and there to get different things for their basket. We acted like we didn't see them and let them get on with it . They disappeared around the end of the corner into the next isle over . We ended up in the same isle a little later too , but at the other end , where he was searching for something she had asked him to get for her . He found it and yelled down the isle " Honey is this what you want " ? He was sort of embarrassed that we had showed up at that exact moment and heard him call her honey …. in public . It was so sweet . We managed to hide our smiles from him and passed by like nothing untold had happened . It isn't everyday that you hear a Libyan man call his wife honey , or anything remotely like a pet name in public.

Now a days I am seeing more and more Libyans , mainly the men since they do the majority of the shopping for the wives , in stores with LISTS of their own . They always have a confused look on their faces as they try to find whatever is on that list they clutch so tightly in their hands .Many times I come across a frustrated husband on his mobile phone with his wife asking for clarification as to what exactly she wanted him to get for her . I think this is funny and try hard to not show my amusement. If he looks up and sees me looking at him , I just nod my head and keep on going . Do you make lists too ?


Rose Bud said...

I am still making lists and trying to stick to them!

egianqueen said...

I am a definite list maker. Even make lists for my husband - which he promptly loses or forgets to look at. Of course I always end up purchasing more than is on the list.

Rose Bud said...

Hope you are all ok. Haven't heard from you in a while.