Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Wedding & The 4th Of July

Our 4th of July was spent attending a niece's wedding .She made a lovely bride .There was the normal singing and dancing with a ZimZamatt band . This is a small group of women that play drums , tambourines , and sing songs that excite the guests of the wedding into a fun filled frenzy . A long time ago ( way back in the 70's , lol ) they were paid a small amount of money , then a smuggled bottle of whiskey , or a little hashish on the sly might find their way to them when requested; and of course a cartoon of the best western cigarettes money could buy at the time . Now a days progress has been made and they no longer ask for all these forbidden things . Now they just want money and a lot of it ! They charge 1,000 Libyan dinars or more , plus they expect the guests to tip them as the wedding progresses through out the evening ! And IF they don't get these tips , they just stop the music !I am thinking of forming a Zim Zimatt . I could sing all the choirs .Now if I could only find a few more women that can actually sing the words to the songs , I'd be rich ! It isn't necessary that you sound good either , which is another plus for me ,since I can no longer sing a tune to save my life ! LOL ! Any takers on joining my band ?

The wedding hall was very nice and had the most luxurious bathrooms I have seen in a public place in Libya. Now laugh all you want , but it is no fun to go to the toilet in a public place ! There is usually a foot of water flooding the floor and if you have a long trailing gown , you are doomed to get it wet somewhere . This place had a real bathroom attendant to make sure there was plenty of necessities on hand , and NO WATER on the floors . Now that is fancy , smancy if you ask me !

I haven't been to a family function in sometime where all the family was present .I was amazed at how so many of my friends had aged . Of course I still look like that 20 year old that they meet so many years ago ! I had to laugh at myself and a old friend as we waddled toward each other like penguins on legs that now have arthritis , when we used to be the dancing fools of the group ! And how all the little girls have grown to be beautiful young women , graceful and lovely . I sat later wondering how and when did all these changes take place . On the plus side to all this , age does have it's advantages as I found out . You are not expected to get up and help , and everyone comes to you to say hello . Now that's ok . I was so proud of my family and their children , their generosity to their guests , their sharing their happiness with others, and the love that was present for all to see .
So , that's how I spent my 4th of July this year in Tripoli , Libya . Hope yours was spent with those you love and care for , filled with happiness .

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Rose Bud said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad! Love you!