Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pink , Birthday's , and Whatnot's

This has been a busy week . I had a birthday . I went to Sheila's and had the works . I now have an unusual shade of blond hair . It is sort of champagne blond , maybe ? But I love it .

I also celebrated my B.Day by putting the new sheets on my bed that I bought , along with the new puffy pillows a while back . Only one problem with the new pillows , I haven't had a good nights sleep since I put them on the bed . They are too puffy - fluffy ! The new sheets are a hot pink and I have to say that I hesitated long ,and thought hard over whether or not to buy them at the time . Buying them won out over the thought of fluorescent dreams , because I never have owned pink sheets before . I did notice Moe's face when he came to bed and saw them for the first time though . That was funny .

I wasn't a big fan of pink for a long time in my life because , when I was a teenager I stayed with a aunt that had given me her old teenage room to use while I staid with her . She had really loved pink ! The walls were covered in hugh cabbage rose wall paper that were pink . The curtains were pink .The furniture was red ( thank goodness !) , but the rest of it was all in pink ! I always felt like I was inside a pink bubble gum bubble . But I do like that Aerosmith song named " Pink is My Favorite Color " .

Beside my birthday I have been getting seriously organized for Ramadan which starts in two days . I got feed up with the Ice Age that has been going on in my fridge for some years now and decided to defrost it with the help of hammer and a blow dryer .What should have taken several hours turned out to take two days .Some helpful person in our building decided to turn off our water for us and not tell us .So I waited a whole day for that to get fixed before we found out what was going on there . But never the one to waste a good moment when the cleaning bug bites , I said what the hey, went ahead and defrosted the fridge's freezer too ! Found all kinds of lost things in there ! LOL !

And you know how sometimes one thing leads to another ? Well, I ended up cleaning all the cabinets in the kitchen too . That lead to the hall with all the dirty carpets , so sent them out to be cleaned , which in turn lead to much sweeping and mopping . I am exhausted and Ramadan hasn't even started yet ! I have had to talk to myself and tell me that enough is enough . I mean this might start a new fad or something like a ( shock / horror !) habit ! Need to nip this in the bud right away .


Lebeeya said...

Welcome to the blog world :)

I am a huge fan of the color pink!! Send those pillows over ;)

Rose Bud said...

OH, I can't belive you cleaned that freezer out. It has been like that for AGES! I am curious to see what you found in it. You shoul dhave taken psicture. Looks like the neighbors are still up to their old tricks. Glad you like the sheets, have some here waiting for me to mail. I think Im not sure if they will ever get to you through the mail.

on the edge said...

Thanks Lebeeya for the comment and if I knew where to send these puffy pillows , I would , lol ! Hope you have a great Ramadan !

Rose bud , if you had seen the things that I found in the freezer , you would have had a stroll down memory lane.As I am sure you would remember when we put some of those things away in the freezer .Will try to get to the P.O. this next week and file for a P.O.Box , inshallah !!!!

Rose Bud said...

Good! Happy to send you new stuff!