Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things In Three's

Ramadan has been good for Moe and I this year . I think this has to be the easiest year for me personally ,but we have a few more days to go , lol. Even the cooking part is ok . I still am not sleeping well because of those too fluffy-puffy pillows .

We have had several disasters this past week . One, my computer died in the middle of making a blog post .It just went completely black , no warning , no sound , no bells or whistles . I took this very personal . After the initial need to totally panic , I got a grip and cried, as one does ! Then the next day I called the expert , Khadijateri ! She has a good computer guy ; remember I once said everyone needs a guy here ? Well hers is one of the best . Small world he knew her blog .Between the two of them , they got me all fixed up with updated and new programs . I am still trying to find stuff. It is sooooo cool to have neato stuff ! Then she insisted I get the FAST computer service called ASDL here in Libya .That hasn't been connected as of yet but am assured it will be soon . When I paid for it the man wanted my cell/moblie number. I told him that I thought all cell/mobile phones were the spawn of Satan . He looked at me as if I was . He wanted to know how he would be able to call me to notify me the service was up and running ( as if I wouldn't be able to notice that all on my own ) if I didn't have a mobile phone ? I told him I did have a phone , only it was a land line . I think he thinks I am some kind of weirdo .

The next night as I sat trying to find something interesting on TV the lights for our whole area went into black out mode . I was alone , since Moe had gone out to have JOE . I was stumbling around in total darkness , gathering up all my scented candles , see there was a reason for having so many after all ! Then there was the odd stubbed toe or two . I dropped the lighter . That was so fun , feeling around the floor for it . I found it ! Light them all up . Voila ! Light . Then it began to get stuffy , so I thought hum , I should turn on the AC . I know ..... it was then I started to laugh at myself , no Electricity ! I found in the dark a old fashion hand held fan to cool myself off with , that worked out . I am all situated and comfy , as my momma would say , when the lights came back on , yeah !!!! I turn back on the TV only to discover that the picture had been turned into a very multi-color abstract thing . I tried all the normal tuning , yes I am able to do that ! Nada ! So , until Ramadan is over we will be watching people that are multi-colored , sigh ! No way am I taking the TV in to be serviced during Ramadan .

But before all that happened , we had squatters try to move into our building's utility room downstairs . The police were called . The man arrested . Then he came back here after he was released.The woman decided that anything not nailed down belonged to her , like the carpets in the halls . In addition to that , they were stealing the electricity and water , for a room that has no plumbing .Eventually the police came back out to remove them once again , with the help of the Housing Authority. They were relocated somewhere else . So , now peace once again reigns in The Condo On The Seaside .

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Rose Bud said...

Sounds like a busy week. Glad you are back on-line.