Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Needed Essentials For Life In Libya

If you are planning to move to Libya , then here are a few of The Essentials for Life in Libya that you will need .They are pretty straight forward . You will need; a go with the flow attitude , patience, the mind set of a saint , a great sense of humor , a skin as thick as a brick , the lack of needing to be on time , and a great car horn ! If you have any ,or better yet, all of these skills or items then you will live in Libya just fine . If not , you need not apply !

The Go With The Flow skill is very essential here .If you are not flexible enough to bend like a willow in the blowing wind then you will snap into the very first time you encounter the "New Rule" policy . This "New Rule " policy happens a lot around here , so practice swaying in the wind .

Patience , well all I can say is that patience is a truly underrated virtue , with out which life in Libya will be totally intolerable .You will need this skill when standing in all lines , waiting to see any health care personnel , especially in the emergency room , and when dealing with plumbers . Beware of all plumbers here !!!!

The Mind Set of a Saint ……. self explanatory ! Just in case you need examples here are a few ; keep in mind that sometimes ignorance is bliss when dealing with a foreign language . If you don't understand what is being said to your face in a foreign language , then you are more likely to be saintly . Turning the other cheek , evidence of more saintly behavior . It can work wonders and almost always amazes and dazes all to whom you use upon .

That goes hand in hand with having Skin As Thick As A Brick . Sticks and stones blah , blah , blah , and water off ducks backs, are all truisms here . You will need a lot of these skill too !

I skipped a Great Sense Of Humor . If you are lacking in a sense of humor , then please live somewhere else ! There is a constant source of things to fill your days and nights with humor and laughter . Open your eyes and you will be entertained non stop, irony not withstanding .

Many people that move to Libya fail to adjust to the Libyan system of keeping time. They think in Western terms , not realizing that everyone walks to a different drummer here . Everyone of course having their own drummer and no synchronicity applied to the whole . That means the band is totally out of step with each other and the drum major is off a whole beat ! Besides all that we are either two hours ahead of English Greenwich Meantime, or one hour behind Saudi Arabia. These being the two main places where many of the English speaking TV channels are broad casted and scheduled .You are constantly calculating your location and time for programming . Programming time is always subjected to non notified changes .So, time is very liquid .

But I think that the most essential thing to have in Libya is definitely a car horn . IF you drive . I have mentioned before about driving here and it isn't for the faint of heart. It is almost an impossible act if one doesn't have a fully functional car horn . If you should ever find yourself in a situation where the car horn is non functional , then by all means just stick your head out the window and yell as loudly as possible ….HONK , HONK ,HONK !!! Repeat as often as needed , until the car horn is repaired ! There , I think that about covers it all . Come on to Libya and have a wonderful stay !

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