Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tony Benn On Hard Talk

I am sure some of you are tired of me shoving politics down your throat but some things are just too amazing not to share with you . Here is a link from the BBC ( yes again with the Chee ! LOL !) for a interview with Tony Benn on Hard Talk with Stephen Sackur .

This amazing man, Tony Benn is 83 years old , retired from Parliament and sees the world as it really is these days . Here in this interview he expresses his thoughts and views on the British polices and the direction the British government is moving away from democracy . He expresses his concern for the dangers facing the UK if this trend is allowed to continue . This is not a stuffy old man shooting the breeze , but rather a clear minded man that loves his country . Well worth the time to watch the video .

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Serena said...

People pay attention to politics when political decisions impact their lives!