Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wiggle Worm

My grandson is staying with us. He has started to walk all over the place , lol . It took my daughter in law , Moe, and I all most ten minutes to get Haroun to be semi still long enough to snap these pictures of him ! They aren't his best pictures but they show you how active he is now he can go where he wants to go , when he wants ! As a dotting grandmother I have to admit he is something else !

My son is in the dessert for a while and my daughter in law called and asked if she could come spend some time with us . We said of course . We have tried this several times in the past and it wasn't very successful before for either one of us , due mainly to cultural differences , but this time , knock on wood , it seems ok !My daughter in law is a big help to me and I really appreciate all she does for us . It is so nice to have Haroun around too !

It is strange to have someone else in the house with us after several years on our own with out kids . It has interesting for all of us . Like remembering to close the bathroom door or not running around in skimpy clothes , lol ! My daughter in law has had to make adjustments also since she is used to her own home . All in , things are going well !

Last week I was pretty busy . I went to Sheila's and had the "works" . I felt like a queen when she finished with me . Sheila does a mean pedicure with a message like nothing you have ever experienced before . I always feel so pampered after a day with her . I don't know what we will do here in Libya when Sheila decides to retire .

I was invited to a coffee for a friend that moved back to the States nine years ago and is here for her sons wedding .It was fantastic to see her once again , especially since I thought we would never get to see one another in this life time . We have stayed in touch through e mails but it's not the same as actually talking face to face . She looked marvelous !!!

One of my other friends here went" home " to visit her family this last month . She also took her married daughter with her husband and little girl , to introduce them to the American branch of the family . My friend was due back two days ago . I called the day after she came back to do some catching up on her trip,when her husband told me she was still stuck in Rome with her son in law. Supposedly when they were going through immigration in Rome on their way back here the Roman officials discovered that my friends new American passport hadn't been translated into Arabic on the back of her passport as the Libyan government requires in order to enter Libya . It didn't matter that she is married to a Libyan, has family here , or even lives here . So , she had to wait until the next day to go to the American embassy there in Rome to get the translation that the embassy here didn't do when they issued her a new passport . Thank goodness she wasn't traveling alone . And thank goodness she had her son in law along to help with money and morale support . Otherwise what would she have done ? This same thing happened to another friend of mine several months ago on her return trip from the States to Libya, also . She got stuck in Germany . Only as luck would have it she happened to run into a employee there in the German airport that was helpful and found her a official translator that worked in the airport to translate her passport for her ... for a hundred dollars . Good thing she happened to have one hundred left from her trip huh ?

Oh, the other thing that happened this past week was my daughter giving birth to my grand daughter . That was the most exciting thing so far !!! I got to talk to my daughter last night after she came home from the hospital and was so overwhelmed with emotion . We talked and talked . It was so good to hear personally from her that all was ok . And I guess that about sums up whats been going on in my life lately .

What about you ? How have you been doing these hot summer days ?Anyone spending time at the beach ? Anyone going on holiday ? If so where ? Is the gasoline prices affecting your summer time plans this year ?


Serena said...

Relatives and friends enrich our lives. Look at how lucky you are to have so many special people in your life!
Could you please never mention the word "retire" in the same sentence with "Sheila"? I can't imagine what we will do without our loving, caring hair stylist!

abdullah SH said...

oh mashallah "Haroun" looks sooo cute in "jalabia"
iam sure u tired before get ths photo hehehe ...
wish ur son comeback sooon ...

How have you been doing these hot summer days ?
oh thanx god ... thrs air condition & sea ..

Anyone spending time at the beach ?
just one time bt my family ....dnt count !!!

Anyone going on holiday ?
yp 4 1st time ...

If so where ?
my town elkhums `e imazing beach ...

Is the gasoline prices affecting your summer time plans this year ?
sure no ....

a_akak said...

Masha allah & Rabee Aysoon :)

It seems you have had a very busy & active couple of days and may allah protect your family

Fe Aman Allah

PH said...

Mashaa Allah 3alih, may God Protect him. You reminded me of my nephew and when he stays at our place its exactly the same we have to keep an eye out for him so as to make sure he doesn't get lost here or there :P. Mabrouk also on your new grand daughter .
As for summer the gasoline prices, its only affected the air ticket prices for me and not so much as I bought a return ticket from Libya so its relatively cheap; but its really affecting the locals in Egypt.

salaam and have fun with your grandson

meme said...

how sweet!!! mashallah may god protect him

on the edge of going mad ........! said...

well i managed quite well with the heat cuz im always inside the air-conditioned house of ours, so i guess that answers the rest of the beach and going on a holiday questions,
but dont feel sorry now.. cuz i do go out to weddings, but i've got this one problem, MY HAIR !! and you guys are always recommending the great sheila but i really dont know her!, do you have an address or phone number i can use??

on the edge said...

Dear On The Edge Of Madness ....
Write and ask Khadijateri for Sheila's phone # since you can contact her by e mail .You will love her .


on the edge of going mad ........! said...

thank you, i'll give it a try, i guess i'll send her a comment :P, but honestly thank you for your reply, and i hope i do love her (i have a feeling that i will though, i mean she is "Sheila the great" ).