Thursday, July 31, 2008

Capital "P" & More !

In my previous post , Spot a Lair Quiz , I did pretty well . I owe it all to raising kids , I think , lol ! I helped raise my sisters nine children . I did tons of babysitting when I was a teenager too . Then I married and had my own children . I could almost always tell when they were lying as little children because they would get this funny expression around their eyes and mouth , like Bill Cosby does when he is trying to pull a fast one on one of his TV sitcom shows . I can't describe it, but you know he is lying when you see that LOOK ! And so where my kids , lol ! To this day I can still see that look on their faces and I just have to laugh at them because I KNOW what's up ! LOL !

Today I went to " Beauty Street " as Khadijateri calls it . It is the whole sale district for beauty products all on one street !!! Every womans dream come true , AND all at a discount !!!!! I mean what more could a woman want ? I went for hair color . I am thinking of having Shelia throw some red high lights in the next time I go see her . So I needed some of that , then I saw this wonderful lipstick I couldn't pass up . Somewhere along the line of shops I bought a Chinese fan to use during weddings when they get hot and stuffy . I saw some rather exotic electric blue glittery eye line that I barely passed up . And my friend that went with me bought some promised soothing spa like bubble bath that is supposed to transport you to some place other than where you where at the time of the bath ! I am waiting to see how that went for her . Maybe she went to some place MORE exotic than Libya ?

All my friends are going to see Sheila , or have already been to see her. They are all looking MARVELOUS DARLINK ! I am trying to work out a schedule around Ramadan . If I go too early then I have to go twice and if I leave it too late then I end up looking ... well ... AWFUL !!!! Oh help , I am a damsel in distress !!! What to do ? LOL !

They are paving the street out in front of the Condo now . They have raised the road bed , put a rock foundation down , packed that real good , and now are laying the asphalt . Looks like this winter back strokes are out . I think we can sell the ARK too . Had Moe building one on the balcony this past year JUST in CASE we have the usual flooded street when the rains come in the winter . In the past you needed a boat just to get in and out because the road flooded so badly . Now , we have a real paved road ! Oh , HALLELUJAH
and Happy Days ! This winter I will confidently drive over to my friend and neighbor knowing that somewhere under all that water is a paved road, not mud , waiting to suck me down to the depths of the underworld ! More PROGRESS WITH A CAPITAL "P" !!!!


KhadijaTeri said...

Ahhhh! Nice time at the beauty street! I'm going to Sheila on Saturday - come and visit!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam On the Edge,
LOL@MARVELOUS DARLINK! Love that expression. Should see if Sheila has a cousin in Oman for Lebeeya. ;-)

It would be very dangerous for me to be anywhere near Beauty Street---love that frufie stuff.