Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Depressed, Swine Flu , And Life

Ok , I have tried a different comment setting that hopefully will stop the problems that some of you have making a comment post . Let me know if this one works better for you, please . I have gone back to the old format . Hope this one works for you .

This has been a depressing few days for me . ! First Khadijateri losses her brother . Then several other people we know have lost loved ones this past week . It's like one funeral after another . Then it is the anniversary of my son's death and my sister too . This always depresses me . But on the bright side , it is my youngest daughter's anniversary today . There is always balance in Life , you just have to look for it .

My sometimes sane friend called me in hysterics the other day convinced that her youngest son had Swine flu , other wise known as the H1N1 , Type A flu . Sounds like Prince's new name , huh ? Anyway , I never was able to convince her that he just had the flu that everyone else in Tripoli has .

The next day she calls me to tell me she is sure she is dying from this flu , since she is now running a fever as well and called me to say good bye before she died ! She said there wasn't a box of Tampiflu ( however it is spelled ) to be found anywhere in the country, not for love or money ! We were DOOMED !!!!! OMG ! I spoke to her a few minutes ago and she had to admit she is STILL in the land of the Living , much to her regret ! And improving ! I just wanted to thank CNN News for causing her induced hysteria over the pandemic spreed of the flu from their moment by moment broadcasts .

When Moe and I went grocery shopping Saturday . I was amazed at HOW MANY people had the cold/ flu ! EVERYONE was sneezing ,coughing ,snuffling into their sleeves , Kleenexes , or handkerchief . Everyone ! Everywhere ! No where was safe from it . But on the plus side , more and more people where trying to be hygienic about it , washing their hands and using hand wipes I noticed .The butcher was wearing gloves . I nearly fainted .

But it is just the flu and nothing else . I read somewhere that they are screening at the Tripoli airport for people that are running fevers and that are unwell . So , be forewarned if you are traveling here soon .Your body temperature is being scanned .


~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading and visit your blog

NuNa said...

every things in our life are easy and came easily and went easily. except lost who we love it biggest and most diffecult. Asking Allah to complete oue life with people who love us and we love them >_<

Rose Bud said...

I remember these days. I hope I never feel that way.