Sunday, May 31, 2009

News In Brief

Hey ! Just wanted to let you know I am back on line and in the chair again .Thank you so much for all the well wishes from everyone . I really appreciated them so much .

Even though I am just now starting to get out and about these last few,days , much has happened around the Condo recently . Many relatives came to visit , along with some friends and neighbors . It surprised me to tell you the truth . I knew that a couple of people will naturally come to visit , of course , but some of the others were a nice surprise to see . The visits were fun and so good to see different ones I hadn't seen in a while . Same thing for phone calls .

It made me realize how bad I am about these social visits . I have gotten out of the habit of visiting people these last few years . One excuse after another and I just stopped going , or calling . Now I feel so guilty that I have not keep up this nice social custom . I have made a note to myself to try to do better in the future .

While I was in Tripoli Medical Center and surrounded by all manner of student doctors , I would wonder to myself , which one of you bloggers that I know might be in a group I was watching ?How surprised you would be to know you were so close to me and not know it , lol .

I met all sorts of people in the hospital while I was there and made many a new friend too . Several nights we women wandered from ward to ward , visiting with each other . We discussed all topics we had in common and found this world to be very small indeed !I even ran into a friend who was caring for her mother in hospital , that I didn't know was there at the same time as I . Two floors up and one of Moe's Uncles was hospitalized as well , so many family members came to visit us both .

Actually the only really negative experience in the TMC I had were the bathrooms .So disgusting . The house keeping staff only came 2 times a day to clean them and no trash containers available in the bathrooms themselves . No soap either and many of the fixtures were non operating , no water , or no sanitary precautions taken for the patients .All the other moans an groans about the hospital and staff are normal ones you might find or have anywhere else in the world .

Our son and his wife stayed with us and cared for Moe and I these past 2 weeks . Haroun had his 2nd birthday party here .I am so grateful that they came and helped us out so much . I don't know what we would have done with out them .

Summer time is on it's way here in Tripoli . It is getting hotter day by day . The mosquito population is growing by leaps and bounds ! Have to close the Condo up way before sundown or else the darn things will fly off with us like the vampires they are , with us never to be seen again !

I hate the summertime here . It is just hot , humid , and buggy all summer long !!! Yucky !! Even with the air conditioner going full blast .Houston isn't much better either , but at least there you can wear " naked" clothes and no one has a heart attack ! Thank goodness I don't wear the Hajib , or I think I would just die from being smothered to death in all that fabric !


lisa said...

Just getting settled in and catching up on reading and blogging - wanted to wish you well and hope that you are feeling better!

All the best! :o)

KhedegahMc said...

Salam Sis,

Yeaaaahhhh...It is great to see you blogging again.
I got all your commments aswell BTW, Thank you.

Alhomdolelah, you are on the mend.

Ahhhhh Summer in Husband has told mme he fixed the AC in the bedroom just for me....better than a bunch of flowers any day :).

On that subject....En Sha ALLAh, I will be going to Londn next week to TRY and get my Visa, En Sha ALLAH.....My Husband says it will be easy....but Visas and there a paradox there somewhere hahahahahha. Well en sha ALLAh , it will be .....

Keep getting better en sha Allah.

Keep you posted,

Ma Slaoma,
Khedegah xxxx