Sunday, June 7, 2009


Am I red in the face !!!!! I realized this morning that today ISN'T Father's Day after all ! OH well ! What can I say ? Just consider the previous post a advance greeting for all you dads out there . Father's Day will be June 21st this year .Good intentions and all that jazz , lol !


lisa said...

I thought it was Father's Day all morning! When I picked up the phone to call my Dad, something prompted me to look at the calendar first to be sure - and I couldn't believe it!!! What made us think it WAS today? And what's up with it being so late this year??!

Don't feel so bad - it's not just you! :o)))

Mistika said...

I don't blame you, I loose my dates as well.
I am so glad you came over I had lost your link when I redid my blog design.

Rose Bud said...

Well now I can prepare for a call.