Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Red Shoes Painting

I thought it was time for a change of profile pictures . I had a picture of Tagura beach that Khadijateri took . I have had many lovely comments about that picture . But I felt like spicing things up a little .So I have replaced it with painting .

I mentioned in a post recently, I have a on going love affair with RED SHOES .I found artist Jacqui Faye, who paints pictures of red shoes , among other things . Imagine that ! So , I thought I would feature her painting named " On The Road To Morocco " as my profile picture .

I love the thought of a woman sitting on a camel and wearing high heeled red shoes . Can't you just see her on the camels back moving through the desert and those bright red shoes sticking out on the side ? OMG ! What a scandal that would be ! LOL!


naohama said...

Ha ha that would be a scandel told for many centuries to come!
But in the other hand beddoine woman & women from east of Libya used to wear red riqaa (A half red boot)
رقعة حمراء
And not just that, their Redaa used to be so short that the Red Reqaa woud show!
Back then women were so selective of their clothes & shoes' colours :)
And believe me they were a way too vibrant and vivid!

Good choice!
So Romantic!!
It is so RR :)

on the edge said...

Not only those red boots showing back then ... but the women also didn't wear blouses under their redays either, so just imagine that lethal combination !!! I mean WOWOWOWOWOWOW !!!!!

What a shame women today are covering ever visible square centimeter of skin .It sure takes the excitement outta life these days , lol .What ever happened to " OMG ! Her ankles are showing ?"

ibeebarbie said...

I love it! What better way to travel then in red shoes---truly makes a statementof confidence.

Couldn't agree more----about the attire of women going from one extreme to another. Nothing wrong with a woman being classy, sensual and confident in her attire. Trashy doesn't mean just wearing very little---it's more of one's conduct that matters. So ladies be proud of who you are and dress and walk with an inner confidence.

Anglo-Libyan said...

the other day I was driving my wife and her friend to someone's house.
They were both talking but I want paying much attention until I heard them both laugh loudly and whispering, I asked them what was so funny, they pointed to this lady walking in the street.
she was covered from head to toe in black dress (Abaaya) but she was wearing very bright red shoes :o)
I thought I tell you since your post is about red shoes!

on the edge said...

If red shoes don't give you the "motion" then nothing will !!!! LOL !

In Libya there is a saying about red shoes worn at a wedding . Ask your wife about it , lol .I'm not saying this is true though , of course . hahahaha !

Yep , I've seen women dressed to kill and be totally trash , but trash in the best taste you know .

KhedegahMc said...


I love the new has a good personel story for you. Like the Red shoes represent you, and the camel Libya. Good choice sis.

Talk soon en sha Allah,
K xxxx

on the edge said...

You cleaver old thing you !

Rose Bud said...

Very nice! I like it.