Sunday, October 18, 2009

Adventures Of Having The Flu

I think I mentioned in a previous post recently that Moe and I had the flu . We still have the flu . I am getting pretty sick and tired of being sick and tired with this flu !!! All I do is cough , blow my nose ,moan and groan .

I now have laryngitis and can't talk . I have been reduced to talking in sign language with Moe and that is pretty funny sometimes ! Like when my friends call to talk to me , instead of telling them I can't talk because I have lost my voice , he simply tells them I can't talk . Well , to him it is all the same thing , but to them , they probably think I don't WANT to talk to them . Do you see the difference ? 

Anyway ..... now that he has come down with a much milder form of the flu than me , he seems to think he has cornered the market on dieing !I never knew a man could moan and groan so much!
All last week when I was sicker than he is now , he wanted me to take him into town and when I begged off because I was running a fever and couldn't stand up , he would get mad at me . Now he is suffering from a sore throat , he thinks he is dieing ! When I reminded him of last week and the way he treated me when I was so sick , he looks at me like I've lost my mind .

We both are on antibiotics and they are helping a lot . When I 1st came down with this flu , I would try to sleep and couldn't no matter how badly I wanted to . Just the last few days have I been able to sleep more than an hour or two at a time . How nice it is to sleep restfully or as restfully as it is possible when you are coughing all the time . We are drinking lots of fluids and just take things as they come . One good thing about this flu for me is nothing taste good , not even chocolate , so am losing weight . And of course Moe is thrilled over the sound of silence in the house .Now that you are thoroughly bored out of your minds by this terrible blow by blow detailed account of our flu adventures , I will say bye for now . Stay well , OTE


Mistika said...

Hope you feel better soon!
I know man can be such babies when it comes to being sick.

Meme said...

guess what ?i swear to god as soon as i start reading your post i start sneezing!!! now i can see how bad your flu was lol

Rose Bud said...

I hope you both get to feeling better. It sounds like you've had an "adventurous" week. PS I hate having the house painted. You forgot to add that they color never comes out right.

Bumedian said...


Labas :)

you need to protect your self with vitamins and olive oil it helps a lot...
hope your feeling better now...

no you didn’t lost your mind and your not crazy but he is the man :)
and some men think they deserve to be spoiled but no other supposed to.
some men do ...

hopefully all are feeling well by now and you have the sleep that you and all of us are crying for