Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's Going On At The Condo

Wow ! I can't believe this week is almost over . Time is just flying by . Last week our son's family stayed with us so I could help out with the new baby Yousef, and our other grandson Haroun. It was a busy week filled with all sorts of new adventures .

Yousef is a good baby and really doesn't require much attention but he definitely gets more than his share , lol . Haroun wasn't too sure if he liked his new baby or not . He certainly didn't like Yousef when he cried at night . I think it was the 2nd or the 3rd night they were staying with us , around about 3 a.m. , when Yousef woke up wanting to be feed. He started to cry. He sounds a lot like a kitten when he cry's .That woke Haroun up and he wasn't too happy about being woke up by that Baby ! He started to cry as well . Very loudly too , I might add .So , there they were both crying , when I heard my daughter in law say with near madness in her voice , " Oh My GOD what do I do"? I know it was mean but I couldn't help but laugh to myself . I remember those times with my kids when they were little. 

Having them with us meant we had visitors coming over to see the new baby .That's good but what I disliked and still marvel at, was the stupidity of the people that came over with the flu . Can you believe that ? What Were They Thinking ??? Exposing a new born baby to the flu ? Now Moe and I both have the flu . Thankfully the babies are all ok .

Speaking of the flu ... it seems everyone here has some form of this cold/ flu. Either it is a head cold with the sniffles or a chest cold with the congestion and a hacking cough . Some people have fever and some don't . It is probably NOT the FLU but just a cold making the rounds .Anyway you look at it , if you have it , you are miserable !Hopefully it will only last a few days .

One of my friends is throwing a get together in a couple of weeks for the American women here in Tripoli. We haven't  had a chance to see one another before the summer . Many went home this past summer and started right back to work when they  returned to Tripoli . A few of us have talked or seen one another briefly but not all of us together  in one place at the same time . I am really looking forward to this party . My friend is too , since this will be her 1st get together for all of us at her home . Actually she is very excited  . She is insisting on making this a dual party ; a get together / baby shower for our new grandson . I keep telling her that she doesn't need to do this but it is like talking to a brick wall , lol .

While I am rambling on here ( it's the meds ! LOL !) .... our Condo needs painting .GROAN !!!!!! I would rather just pack up and move to a new place than have painters in to paint .1st you have to find some one you want in your home around your things that you can trust .2nd you have to remove ALL furniture , carpets , drapes , and anything else you don't want paint all over when they finish . The painters come in your home and make a horrible mess , paint all over everthing even a little on the walls , but mostly on the doors , windows , and the floors .You pay them a arm and a leg, or two. Afterwards YOU have the priveldge of cleaning up their mess when they leave your home .THEN you have to put everything BACK where it was before you deconstructed your home for painting .It would just be easier to move ! I hate it when we have to paint . I am hoping we can put off painting until the next decade , lol .I gota go now and blow my nose before it drips all over the keyboard . Bye , OTE

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libyan said...

Hi, congrats for the little baby, might be a little late.

however, just a little comment on the flu that you have written, i have heard from the family doctor today because i took my son for his normal checkup, that the H1N1 flu we are all afraid of is more spread outside that we hear, he said that most of the cases that are there are mild, so people don't even know that it is the H1N1 virus. Funily he mentioned that some family came to see him and he checked them just routinly and they were positive. And today in the news i have seen that Egypt is starting school over the TV and the internet as a way to prevent the spread.