Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chaos At The Condo On The Seaside

Things here at the Condo are beginning to return to normal after several weeks of definite chaos and confusion .  Yeah !!!!!!! That stuff gets old real quick !

A few short minutes ago we got the phone lines repaired and working . Yippee !!! They were cut when we had the electrician over rewiring the Condo's building this past week . That was after we had gone with out electricity for a week , hum , maybe longer??? It just seems like forever to me . No phone ( can you believe I am COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT ???? LOL ) and no lights except sporadically . That means no laundry , no baths ,or showers ,no computer ( that was the worst !!! ) , no emails , no posting on the blog !Talk about living in a vacuum .No news , no gossip, no music .. just no anything . Ok in the daylight hours, but a real bore at night . And cold too since there isn't any heat either . We did have some great rain though one day last week .Loved that !

I have a confession to confess to you .I have given in and joined Facebook. Yes , I know what I said about it and that just goes to show you what a hypocrite I am .LOL ! I have no idea what I am doing there or even WHY , to tell you the truth. I have invited people to be my friends that I only have a vague recollection of from way back in High School, or even as far back as Jr. High. OMG !Does that look too desperate , or what? I don't know about me anymore . I am a little worried about me now . LOL ! Oh well , I am living on the EDGE now baby, hahahaha ! I can't wait to see what I do next .I am surprising myself .I will keep you updated on that and how it works out .

My baby will be 30 years old tomorrow . I really don't know where all those years went .I remember the doctors shocked voice telling me I had a baby girl . He was so sure I was having a boy . I kept telling him I wasn't but ,he wouldn't listen to me .I mean , what did I know about anything ? He was the DOCTOR , after all .Then he was almost speechless when it turned out she had red hair on top of it all , lol . He was Arab and I was speaking to him in Arabic while delivering the baby . The nurse thought I was delirious and wanted him to sedate me .The doctor told her I was just fine, but speaking to him in Arabic LOL ! I remember telling the labor nurse that I didn't want to have this baby after all , that I had changed my mind , when I went into hard labor . She just laughed at me and said it was a little too late for that! LOL !

So , this is what I have been up to this last few weeks . Typical chaos in the Condo By The Seaside , what else would you expect ? LOL ! Here's hoping your last couple of weeks have been much better than mine , OTE .

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