Sunday, February 14, 2010

1 Guy Named Moe

Moe, a happy birthday guy , talking to our daughters in America !

He had a great birthday with a special dinner . That made him happy ,lol . Then all the wonderful wishes from all of you , PLUS the calls from family and friends here and in the States completed his day ! Thank you all !

I think it was Meme that asked about his hair in the other post , lol . If he looked like that when we dated / met.Well , yes and no . He was all clean cut when we met , BUT he had only been in the US like 2 months then . So , after he was there for a while and became a "wild and crazy guy", he grew his hair into an Afro or Fro as we said back them .Oh, and the mandatory  Pancho Villa  mustache that cool guys  had to have if they weren't in the military or in Libya ! LOL !

So weird , he had that mustache for almost 30 years , but on New Years eve 1999 , he went into the bathroom and shaved it off . Our kids had only seen him without the mustache once in their entire lives. We were shocked , lol . I saw the dimples he had hidden underneath the "shnap" ( mustache) all those years. I had forgotten about them . They were one of the things I fell in love with when we met .

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Khedegah said...

Salam OTE,

MashAllah, that wass a lovely madwe me smile. Happy Belated Birthday to your Husband.

My Husband hass dimples too, MashAllah.....

Talk to you soon....4 weeks start tomorrow awwww....I will blog ''OFFLINE'' I guess,

Love and Salams,
K xxxx