Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sighing Going On Here !

Life in the Condo On The Seaside is gearing up for the big FIRE CRACKER NIGHT,  or otherwise known in this part of the world as The Malude . Mohamed's birthday , no, not Moe , but the OTHER Mohamed , the Prophet Mohamed . There are many ways to celebrate the Malude here in Libya and I have already talked about that before , but mainly , the children set off firecrackers of all types , from little sparklers to giant roman candles .It ends up sounding like a war zone before it is all over with .

I heard that this year it will be on Wednesday night.It starts around sunset and goes on until the kids run out of things to blow up .Many years the fire works are on sell well before the actual day and children take advantage of this and buy as many as possible days ahead of time to stock pile them for the night of Malude . But , as with most kids , temptation gets the best of them and you can hear the BOOM and POW of the firecrackers days before the event ! Poor Patches La Chat is in a nervous state and runs to hide at the least little noise now .She is even jumping in her sleep , poor baby .

My Internet time ran out this past week .I really hate when that happenes ! It means I have to get dressed in street clothes , do my hair , SIGHING GOING ON HERE ,put on sort of make up ( I hate to wear any) ,go down ALL THOSE STAIRS , dust the car off ( it has been miserabley dusty and windy all this past week ), drive to the store that sells the cards for the Internet in my neighborhood ,make chit chat with the guy , who is actually a very nice young man , and THEN that leads to going to the grocery store next door where there is ... CHOCOLATE !!! My downfall . I give in to my weakness and buy CHOCOLATE , but do I stop there ???? OH NO ..... I buy CHIPS too . I like the salty taste and then I need will something sweet to take away the salty taste , right ? Then after that I will need something that isn't too sweet or too salty , so search for the perfect food , which does not exsit ! So , by now I have spent well over the amount of money that Moe is happy with going out of his perfectly planned budget, which means he will be very unhappy when he finds out . SIGHING ALL OVER THE PLACE NOW !!!!!!!!!!! What to do ? Stay home .And people always ask me why I stay home all the time !

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