Thursday, March 11, 2010

Haroun's Big Adventure

This picture was taken of Haroun when he was less than 2 years old . Now he is a big boy almost 3 years old , so you can imagine how much bigger he is now .Last Friday his dad , mom , and little brother Yousef all went on a picnic way out in the country side .His parents cooked Bar BBQ while Haroun enjoyed just running around all over the place freely investigating this and that . He was having a good ole time . No one telling him no don't do that , come here , sit down , behave yourself , stop doing that !A little boy's dream day .

This is until ....... a camel comes running up to him from now where .There weren't any farms near where they were picnicking . No buildings that could be seen . But here was this camel , galloping toward Haroun as fast as he could . You know camel can run pretty fast !So , what does Haroun do ???? He starts to yell at the camel , stands his ground and ready to do battle if necessary with this tall monster . He wasn't afraid either , my son said .

My son and his wife , who up until this moment hadn't really paid much attention to what Haroun was doing as long as he was in eye sight , heard the commotion Haroun was raising at this fast approaching camel , turned to see why he was yelling  .My son said that before he could get to Haroun's side , the camel had rushed up to Haroun and skidded to a stop , like in a cartoon . The camel just stood there towering over Haroun, making growling camel noises towards Haroun .Haroun on his side was waving his arms in the air yelling who knows what at the camel, unafraid .

My son not wanting to frighten Haroun, slowly walked up to them with a stick in his hands to throw at the camel if he needed to ,or to frighten the camel away when he got Haroun safely out of the way .But before any of this could happened , a man came running like a bat outta hell, from NO WHERE, yelling for my son to grab the rope around the camels neck .He said to hold the camel until he could get to them .

When the man reached Haroun and my son standing with the camel firmly held by the rope , the man told my son that the camel had exscaped from a wedding party that was just over the hill from where they were picincking .The camel was one of the main attractions of the wedding .... he was gonna be the meat for the main meal ! The man thanked my son for saving the wedding meal. Kissed Haroun and told him  what a brave little boy he was for standing up to the camel .He then invited them all to the wedding .My son thanked him for the invitation , but said they had enough adventures for the day !

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Rose Bud said...

Wow! That is definately an adventure. Poor camel though.