Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life to Date

Hi ! It has been a while since I last wrote . One reason is Moe has suddenly decided I am spending too much time on the computer .That means the WHEN I DO get a chance to go on line , I am on longer than ever , trying to catch up on the mail , reading ( which I am so sorry to say I am MONTHS behind reading other blogs and have missed out on what my friends have been up to in their lives . All thanks to MOE !) , posting , Facebooking, and all that other jazz  I can only do in line .He doesn't " do computer" and has no interest in "doing computer " either , so that makes it harder for him to understand the WHY . This will pass. I just have to be patient and he will find a new project to keep him busy .

It is almost the end of the month . I am glade . We will get paid soon and I can go grocery shopping then . I need to start to stock up on stuff for Ramadan that is coming in about 3 1/2 months .Food prices have been steadily rising .  We bought a chicken that cost us 3 dinars last month . Yesterday the same size chicken cost us 7 1/2 dinars . Chicken is the cheapest meat here . What are the poor doing  for meat source ? Doing with out .Some food items were hard to find for a while .They are back on the shelves again .But need to buy them before they go AWOL again .The thing about living here is, if you see something today , it doesn't necessarily follow that you will see it tomorrow . So , you buy it if you can, when you see it . Supply and demand have a long lag period here .

I have been thinking about this new health care bill in the States . I am all for it , although I am not exactly sure what all it entails , the pros and cons . I know that sounds stupid . Consider this though , 1 child  living in a house in a American neighborhood  , with a child in every house ,will not have any sort of health care at ALL , because the parents can't afford it . Maybe the next door neighbors kid will be covered by insurance, and the 2 kids next door to them will have some sort of insurance , but then the house on the other side of them will not  have insurance, for the same reason as the 1st child .1 in 4 kids will have to figure out what to do if they break their arm playing outside because they can't go to the hospital for treatment. They have no insurance . 1 in 4 kids will have no insurance to go to the doctor if they get pneumonia . They will probably die .1 in 4 kids ,that is too many .No more will a insurance company be able to cancel your insurance policy, OR refuse to sell insurance to a person because of the dreaded " PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS" policy that exists up until now .How wonderful is that ?? To know that you can still be covered by insurance if you need it , as in the case of so many cancer patients .

The Republicans started a scare campaign , along with the insurance lobbies to try to stop the bill . Thank God they failed .There will be the good and the bad from this new health care bill, but all I know is this is the most momentous bill in both houses since the Civil Rights bills in the 1960's . And the Welfare / Social Security bills of the 1940's . Both were predicted to be the end of the world  , the end of America . They weren't . They were the making of America .This is of the same caliber . England is doing just fine with it's health care system . As a matter of fact , I had a American friend living here in Libya, go to England to have cancer treatment because Libya didn't offer what they needed and America was too expensive and unobtainable because of no insurance ... pre existing condition .

Something else on my mind , not nearly as heavy ,but equally difficult to understand , is people I have recently re-connected with on Facebook, that I haven't been in contact with in over .... well, many years, let's just say ,lol, are so blown away by the fact that I am living here in Libya , married to a Libyan , raised our children here ,and I have become a Muslim . As IF  I have become a alien from outer space or something . I am asked the strangest questions .Their imaginations have run wild . I am waiting for some one to ask me if I ride a camel instead of driving a car , lol .That just goes to show you several things . One, that the way Libya has been portrayed over the years by the Western media is biased , slanted , and incorrect in many ways .That isn't to say history isn't history , but rather there is HISTORY , and then there is HISTORY . Perspective is everything .With the advent of the internet , things should be easier to learn about and to see , if a person takes the time to investigate .Propaganda is rampant all over , so one must use common sense and a sieve to find the truth sometimes on any subject .Of course I can't really blame them for the misconceptions they have because of the things the the radical Muslims have been doing to gain  negative press coverage in the news .The assumption is that All MUSLIMS , i.e. all Arabs ( LIBYANS ) are terrorist .

Smaller things are bothering me , like why can't I get YouTube on my computer any more ? I have reset my settings , done this and did that . Nothing . I miss YouTube  a lot . I guess I will no longer  be able to post music on my blog .Really hate that ! I am gaining weight again . Yeah , I KNOW what to do about that , sigh , but have a hard time doing it ! Need to get to Sheila's and have her cut my hair short since it is getting warmer. AND I want to complain about the mosquitoes problem we are having around the Condo . I bought a bug insecticide that plugs into the electrical wall outlet . It works . Yeah ! Only problem ... it gives me asthma . It made Patches La Chat ill as well . I didn't plug it in tonight . So far , so good . May not need to use it all the time .

Oh yeah , the next time you hear about a country that is in a "CIVIL WAR" , think genocide . Civil war is just a nice way of saying " ethnic cleansing " no matter what they call it . Also , " Human Trafficking Day " was yesterday .Human trafficking ? Just call it what it is ... slavery . This is 2010 and slavery is still rampant ALL OVER THE WORLD ! OMG !!! I know there is some other stuff I wanted to get off my chest but my mind goes blank right now. I guess that let's you off the hook for now . No more moaning and groaning from me for a while.Am going to bed to think of something positive to write about next time .Ciao !

Artist unknown but painting named " Dizzy" .


Khedegah said...


Oh I know how you feel.....I have to sneak on to blogs while H. is at Jummah LOL....or now hehehehee

YouTube is BLOCKED. Thanks to a video posted of Beyonce at a certain leaders sons party ahem. My sis posted updates of my niece and I can't see them. En sha Allah this will pass.

Mosquitos...I got this thing that is reaally good.Well, only when its off I get bitten. It sends out an electrically pulse or something. I will mail a photo of it to you en sha Allah.

I am only catching up too.....usual story with me tho.

Talk soon K xxxx

Amoola said...

Salam OTES,

Found my way over here from Khadijateri's blog :)

Khedegah, you made it over here? :) Welcome! I was reading your blog for a bit (the beginning of last year I think it was) but for some annoying reason could never comment!

OTE - Yeah, its annoying not having youtube! Like K said its coz of party videos of Junior! Also, youtube had video's of anti government protests in Benghazi protesting against the killing of libyan prisoners in libyan prisons. G didn't like that either it seems.

I've heard there's another way to get it, and also some net cafe's have still managed to get access. Perhaps through different servers. If I find out the method, i'll be sure to let you know!

on the edge said...

Thanks and so glade you stopped by to visit !