Thursday, June 17, 2010

The News In English

The last several post have been pretty negative I have to admit .Things have started to look up again, I am happy to report !The people in Tagura are so nice and helpful I am proud to say . Moe and I were out shopping and I can't count how many times we had different people help us carry our bags to the car for us . Or offer to go into a store to do our shopping for us,because the store had steps leading in to the store that were difficult for either Moe or I to climb .The man that owns the laundry we use reprogrammed Moe's mobile phone for him when Moe had to install a new Sims card into his phone . Moe nor I could figure that out and Nuri offered to do it for Moe . Now how nice is that ???

Yesterday I was brought to tears as we were out cruising Tagura when the car in front of us stopped traffic , the driver got out of his car to walk a elderly blind man across a very busy street .God bless him .The coffee bar we go to brings the coffee out to our car for Moe after he orders it , so that Moe may go sit in the car  with me.One of our neighbors carried a heavy bag of groceries up the stairs for me the other day , even though I told him I could carry it myself . My friend that is ill and her sister in law have decided to send over little plates of goodies during Ramadan this year so I won't have to stand so long in the kitchen cooking . I am so over whelmed by the goodness of the people that have touched our lives .Thank You God !

On a different note and not so positive ... it is that time of year now when it is warm enough to open your house , so many of our neighbors , 3 to be exact , are remodeling their Condo's . So , all we hear morning noon and night is .... KA BOW ! BAMM ! BOOM !KABOOM !! Over and over , as the entire building shakes in rhythm  to the hammer blows .Yesterday as I was trying to put up the groceries , the man underneath us wanted to come through my kitchen so that his plumber could climb out my kitchen window to drill his new water pipe to the outside wall . I said ok , but had to walk out of the kitchen . I couldn't stand to see that poor man dangle 4 stories above the ground out my window , possibly to fall to is death . He didn't thank goodness !And here I was worried about the sound of my vacuum cleaner waking the baby upstairs up!  LOL !

The weather here in Tripoli has been the strangest I can ever remember for this time of year .The last several weeks it has been mainly dusty and hot , or cloudy , dusty ,hot and humid . Normally it is still coolish/warm and mainly sunny.Today it it was sunny and warm .Nice . I did the laundry that stacked up while the sand was flying around .

It is also beach weather here . With so many of the public beaches walled off from public use this year , the beaches that are open are packed even though the weather has been uncooperative until today .There are water ski's for rent . I think there might even be boats for rent by the day . I heard rumors to that effect anyway .No life guards in sight so far though .

Whatever your summer brings your way this year , be safe and be happy .OTE

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Lebeeya said...

What a nice post :) It really does touch you when people go out of the way to help.