Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tired Of Lemon Aid

I am sure you have heard that old saying , " That when Life gives you lemons , make lemon aid "? I am very tired of lemon aid these days . As a matter of fact , I think I have drunk so much lemon aid recently , that I will puke if I see one more lemon .

Take today as an example of trying to make lemon aid from lemons . Moe and I decided to drive into Tripoli this late afternoon .That's nice , a ride along the sea coast road , looking at the sea , the clouds , the family's on the beach enjoying themselves .It was ... until some idiot tried to literally run me off the road because I was unable to get out of his way as fast as he wanted me to .Once I did manage to change into the other lane to allow him to pass , HE starts to yell at me ,shaking his fist, he THEN decides that isn't enough , he try's to force me off the road into a trench ,now screaming profanity's at me . Moe asks him what is his problem as we are trying not to go off the road or cause a traffic accident . The guy pulls in front of me and STOPS his car , screaming at me all the while .This happens in front of the Matiga airport . I loose my cool and ask him how's his mother .Well , that did it ! He put his car in gear and tore on down the street trying to run other people off the road too .

Ok , we survived that .We continued on into town .Vowing not to let that ruin our outing ,we made our way to a newish restaurant in the Green Square , which is in the center of downtown Tripoli. During the week days it is impossible to find parking in that area of Tripoli, but it being a Friday ,we were spoiled for choice parking.  I parked the car and let Moe go order our food , while I stayed in the car just in case a traffic police man came along .I sat watching the mix of humanity walk by our car . The new cars going by was like a who's , who of the wealthy  .I was enjoying myself , when a well dressed Libyan man about Moe's age came directly to the car and asked me for money .He wasn't a beggar , as he hadn't bothered to ask anyone else for money , just me .Normally I give to beggars , even when I have doubts about whether or not they are needy . But this man was so obviously not a beggar . He was dressed in the traditional Libyan men style of clothing and they were very expensive . Much nicer than any thing Moe owns , I can tell you .I told him no and may Allah Bless you . He just looked at me and asked me again . I told him no once more,then told him good bye.He stood by the car for a few more minutes , gave up , walking away .

THEN ..... a very nice young man came up to my window trying to sell some silver necklaces,1 for 3 dinars . I told him no also . He countered by saying they were made for me .OH MY ! How could I ever pass that deal up? I smiled and said no thank you .So , he said what about this ...3 for 5 dinars ,special just for me! Nope , I told him .Ok , what about 6 for 5 dinars? That way I would have one to hang in the car and 5 to give as presents !Ciao baby ! He went away defeated .

Where the heck was Moe ? He was taking his sweet time .I could see him inside the restaurant talking to some guy .It figures he would run into a friend and have a gab session , while I was outside fending off the hordes !Eventually he comes to the car with our food .... mad as heck ! The guy I thought was his friend turns out to be a guy that jumped the line ahead of Moe and then stared to shove him this way and that . Moe is handicapped and walks with a cane .He said he told the guy off and asked him what happened to respect  for older people? 

Ok , that didn't kill us .Once again thinking to not let past events upset our evening , we said lets go back to Tagura, go to the beach to eat our supper of sandwiches there. We did .There were many family's relaxing having fun ,kids swimming, BBQ going , people eating water melons , very nice .UNTIL .... yes , more lemons ,a car drove up and somehow managed to park between our car and the edge of the cliff in front of our car without going over the edge .There were other places much nicer , less crowed to park , but the young Libyan man choose that spot .Ok , whatever, just look some other direction at the sea , right? But it was a little difficult to ignore the activity of the young man toward his passenger, a woman which was wearing the full veil over her face taking place right in front of our eyes .He leaned over her and started to fondle her breasts .The car started to rock . OH MY !!! I guess if we were into porn, this would be a fantastic opportunity, but we were trying to eat a sandwich, and it just was disgusting .I thought for sure  he would stop seeing as how there were several cars of Libyan family's near us .They didn't . I mean it is broad daylight !This was too much , I honked my horn and gestured toward them to stop . He laughed and drove off .

Right after that , 3 men came crawling up the cliff from the beach below , so drunk they keep sliding down  the side of the cliff . This entertained us for a total of 5 minutes .When they got to the top , they started their drunken walk to their car parked a few meters away from ours .On the way to their car , they have a argument that threatened to turn ugly.I ask Moe should we move to another spot in case, but before he could answer me,one guys shorts fall to the ground and I was treated to the Full Monty !Now who says Libya is a boring place ? It is a very action packed , happening kinda of place if you ask me .By the way , would you like a glass of lemon aid ?

Artist Jo Ann Simon , "When Life Gives You Lemons , Make Limoncello "


Khedegah said...

Salam OTE .....
Just 3 words for you ''OH MY GOD''.

Alhomdolelah I do not see many full Montys in Mager LOL......Must be a Tripoli thing.

You had me on the edge of my seat untill the Monty, when I fell off laughing :)

''Kief hal Ummock? '' .....I loved it (BTW one of the first insults my H. used on me hahahhahahaha)

K xxxx

khadijateri said...

This is just such a typical story of the goings on in Libya. Unfortunately if you mention this to the majority of Libyans they will act horrified and call you a liar and an exaggerator and say that you are anti-Libya and a Libyan hater.

The biggest hypocrites live in this place....sigh..

My husband told me that police and traffic cops now will accept mobile phone credit as bribes. And if you make a complaint about someone at the police department you had better bring along the money to put gas in the squad car so they can pick the person up. Then be ready to pay all the bribes required to get anything done at the court house...

Are the police still harassing you when you are driving Moe around? Hubby said to ask them for their ID and then use the camera on your phone to take a picture of it.

You should have videoed the two going at it in the car and posted it on the blog! :) lolol

on the edge said...

I know exactly what you are talking about ... sad to say !!!! But strangely enough . Moe and I now are able to drive relatively hassle free these days in Tagura . Now I have said that , watch me get stopped tomorrow ! LOL !Thanks for your impute !

on the edge said...

Isn't it amazing how when THEIR mother's are brought into the picture , their whole attitude changes ? LOL ! The Full Monty is a rare " treat" here in Tripoli , THANK GOD !!!