Monday, October 18, 2010

A Home In The Woods

Woke up to find it nice and cool . It rained yesterday early evening , yeah ! Hopefully it will rain some more . It looks like it will , it is still cloudy . Love the rain . It made me think of home , in the fall . Home being the USA in this case .

I found this painting . It is named "Home In The Woods" and it is by painter Michael S. Parkes . It reminded me of  when I was a teenager growing up , we had land in the piney woods of east Texas . Several others in our family had land in the same place . It was a favorite place of ours to go . We cleared the land by hand of the underbrush and small trees . Hard work , but good work .We would camp there sometimes in the summer with my sister and her children . Going for long walks to gather firewood to cook with on a camp fire. Swimming in the community pool, or the small lake near by . My sisters land backed up to a national forest , or maybe it was a state forest , don't remember which right now, but anyway ,we would some times see deer, bear , and once even a cougar . So cool .A real paradise .

I want to wish a dear friend a very Happy Birthday today . Happy Birthday Khadijateri !!! I know you are so excited you're finally 15 years old today ! Love you !! Hoping your day is special and your new year magical!!!


khadijateri said...

Thanks dear!

Khedegah said...

The rain reached us here in Zliten too, Alhomdolelah. Guess we were both thinking of our respective homes at the same time:) mine being Ireland tho....where it rains every season lol. The rain was a real gift after all those sand storms...:) tlk soon k x