Thursday, October 14, 2010

The On Goging Saga

Moe isn't doing any better on the new mads .If anything , he seems to be getting worse . His appointment date is coming soon , so will wait until then .... if things stay the same with him . He is scared . I am scared . It is so difficult to sit back and watch some one you love and care for suffer in pain .

Moe is not a " whinner ". He never complains . This makes it much harder to know when he needs his extra meds , as he just won't say he is in pain . This in turn leads to me asking him every 5 minutes , " Are you in pain "? This just irrates him to no end and he lies to me, says no , rather rudly , at times , lol  I might add. So , I have now become a face reader . I read the little lines that creep up around his eyes as he scrunches them in pain , when he thinks I am not looking at him . Or maybe the way he will tighten his fits into a ball as they lay in his lap , he thinks , out of my sight .He just can't seem to get it into his head that it is OK to say he is in pain and that he may have meds to STOP the pain .I guess when it comes to this subject , he is from the John Wayne school of thought ... Real Men Don't Show Their Pain, sigh !!!

I am afraid to leave him alone for any length of time . I am afraid that if his chest pains get worse if he is alone,  he won't take his pills unless I am there brough beat  him into taking them .This has happened before . I was on the computer in the other room from the one he was in , and I just walked into the living room to find him all gasping , clutching his chest in pain . I got his pills for him and had to MAKE HIM TAKE THEM , OMG ! He never thought to take them on his own . What to do ?Anyway, that time it all worked out fine . If he is out and about with a family member or his friends , I don't worry . Maybe I should , but I am ASSUMING ( and we all KNOW what happenes when one assumes things ) that they would help him .

We have had a new baby born , a wedding , and one funeral this last week in the neighborhood and everyone is angery with me for not coming , but besides the fact that it is dufficult for me to sitt that long in a chair without putting my leg up ,they just don't understand that I can't leave Moe unattened for so long on his own .I explain , they give me looks , I explain some more . I get more looks and finally I say something rude and they back off . I really hate to be like that , but you would think they would try to be more understanding of our situation as well .All the while , everyone thinks I am making this all up .

I have mentioned about Moe being ill here and on my FaceBook page for a while now , haven't I ? But all of the sudden Moe's brother's and sister's have " discovered" he is ill and is calling to see how he is . Well , that is nice and it cheers Moe up to know that they care for him , BUT ... it's not as if this is a news flash or something .I have told them he was ill face to face , but it was like and ???? But now it is out there in cyberspace , well ... it has become a OMG thing . LOL! It's sorta funny to me .

So , we are just taking things slow and easy , one day at a time . No plans , nap a lot ( so he will rest) , go for lazy drives in the country , and I try to keep my mouth shut and not nag him . Well , what are you laughing about ? It could happen ! I really hope things in your life are going smoothly for you and bring you joy . OTE


ibeebarbie said...

Salam On the Edge,
Thanks for the update on Moe---although it doesn't sound good. I do hope they can help Moe at his next appointment, and that Moe does a better job of giving you little subtle signs he's in need of his meds. Tell him it's ok for "real" men to ask for help. :0)
Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now, and just wanted to say that I pray your husband will get better soon, and that his pain will be relieved.
I am still relatively new to Libyan customs, but in my opinion, don't pay attention to anyone who can't understand why you need and want to be with your husband, and don't want to be away from him for long periods of time. Remember though to take care of yourself too... You can only give so much, you need to replenish your "well" too. Inshallah things will get better.

on the edge said...

Thank you for your kind words and support .My "well" is hanging in there , lol .

on the edge said...

I gave him a " shock treatment" last night . We are about a year or so behind the actual story line of the Bold And The Beautiful" ( don't lol !)and the mother of all named Stephenie was suffering a stroke in the show . I made him watch just so he would get it .He wasn't happy but when it was all over he said sorry , from now on I will tell you .Desperate means and all that !

Khedegah said...

Salam sis,
En sha Allah YOU can tlk to the doc, so the situation is not under played.
As for the moaning neighbours.... They just will have to get over it....IT is just testimony that they love you so much, they miss you when you are not there. And well you and I both now all libyan women just need someone to complain about... :) I am always the subject of detest here with rellies lol:) so just concentrate on getting you and Mo back to 'normal' en sha Allah. Love and Salams K xxxx
PS. Great to see you are blogging.... I MISSED YOU:)