Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pop Muslim

recently recommended this new ( to me anyway ) web site that gives you the Muslim news of the day . It is called " Pop Muslim  ". Here is a introduction to the web page : 

"The interwebs can be an alarming place to try to find information about Islam and Muslims. Just google “Islam” to see what I mean. On second thoughts, don’t do that. Ever. Mainstream bookshops are rarely better, offering little more than autobiographies by angry ex-Muslims and one awkward and uninspiring English translation of the Qur’an, maybe a non-confronting book of Rumi’s poetry, and something by Khalil Gibran (who wasn’t even Muslim, but hey – take what you can get). You might not know any Muslims you can ask. So what is the genuinely curious non-Muslim or new Muslim to do? Well, firstly, put down the piece of paper with the question marks that’s in front of your face: it’s blocking your view.
Here’s a list of links and sources (by no means definitive) I’ve compiled after being asked for these things countless times; I think they’re a useful place to start. But please keep in mind: books go out of print, sites change, hairstyles change, interest rates fluctuate*, and I do not always know nor endorse everything you’ll find at all these places. But hopefully you’ll find it useful. And it’ll save you perusing sites like For example.
You might also want to try your library for these books (your local university library will probably have them, and you can just pop in there and read them without joining up), try Google books to see if you can read any online for free, and also get them secondhand via Amazon or other sellers if price is an issue. Lastly, I don’t get any $$$ for these links or recs."
I really like this site . I hope you do too and find something that will clear the " Muslim Fog " that is going on out there in Cyberspace . Check it out !

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