Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mental Health Day For Me

It seems like Autumn is here at last , or at least trying to stay .One day cool and lovely , then next warm and dusty . The norm for here this time of year . Halloween came and went . Of course this is not a holiday here in Libya . But it is a special day for me , as it was my son Haroun's birthday . He died of AIDS 6 years ago . It is a bitter sweet time for me , as I love Halloween . It is all tangled up with memories of our children when they were young , Haroun's birthday, and all the fun that Halloween brings with it in the US .

Moe is progressing . It is an up and down thing for him .The new meds are helping him ,but he still has some very serious issues that will have to addressed when we see the cardiologist on the 7th .The doctor told us he can't have any stress ( I AM SO SURE THAT'S GONNA HAPPEN !!!!) , no exercise ( he has diabeties and needs to exercise , OMG !) , no stairs ( we live on the 4th floor) ,rest ( HAHAHAHHA!!) ,and move to a ground level deweling .No problem !But other than that .... all is good !

I am reserving today as a mental health day for me and will have a one day mental break down , lol .So , if you don't hear from me soon , you will know I have extended the break down .Take care and keep on keeping on !

Painting by Tilly Strauss :" Divorce Document #2"

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egianqueen said...

Sydney - sounds like you certainly deserve a mental health day - take it - wallow in it - but come back soon. In shaa allah there will be good news at the Nov. 7th appointment for Moe. Take care of yourself.