Saturday, August 18, 2007

Got Gas ?

Got Gas ? I am talking about the propane bottled cooking gas we use in Libya . There is never enough of the stuff especially right before a big holiday like Ramadan . It is always a difficult task to find gas . It is sold mainly at petrol stations , but you can also find it being sold in little out of the way cubby hole garages that only the locals of the area know about . I don't know how that works but have a feeling that this isn't exactly legal .

It always happens to me that I run out of gas when I am all alone , in the middle of cooking a all important meal . There never is anyone around to run the empty to the gas station to get a new full one . And the tanks are heavy even when they are empty let alone when they are full . Way too heavy for me to carry . Of course the logical thing would be to have a back up tank but Moe doesn't feel this is a necessity of life . Many men will simply roll these tanks along the ground instead of picking them up . I have been waiting in line for gas and seen this done many times . I cringe as they roll the gas tanks by kicking them along the cement bumping over pebbles and rocks waiting for the big boom but somehow it never has happened … yet .

This is the easy part in getting the gas , the real job is finding a tank that doesn't have a leak somewhere , either at the stem or the valve . Some of them are easy to spot because they are so beat up and u-g-l-y no one but it's mother would want it , lol ! Others are real sneaky , you won't discover a leak , even with brand new tanks this has happened to me, until way after you get them home and hooked up . Only when you walk into a kitchen that has filled up with gas do you know you have a problem Houston ! Another big problem with these beat up , bent out of shape tanks is that the top metal that surrounds the stem is always damaged in someway so the cap that fits down onto the stem can't be fitted . How aggravating is that ? Let me tell you how aggravating it is …..enough for it to be cause for a divorce !

Some one please tell me why the company continues to return those leaking tanks back into circulation over and over again when even a idiot can tell they are leaking! Imagine this happening during Ramadan when you are fasting , craving a cup of java , or in the case of men, a cigarette . The crowds go wild when a truck rolls into a gas station with a full load of tanks . They are crazy normally but during Ramadan , well it's not a pretty picture . And all this to get home with your prize in hand , only to find the thing leaks and you have to return it ? Ouch !

This crowd hysteria happens with other things as well during Ramadan . Like bread , no Libyan I know can go with out bread . I think Libyans could actually live on bread alone . Meat is not a problem except when you have to fight the crowds just to get close enough to even have the butcher in eye sight . And the veggies ? Or what about the almost holy date ? I think I read somewhere that there are 21 different types of dates . Most Libyans break their fast with a date, or two , or three , or more , lol . We always have at least three types and if left up to Moe we would just have dates to eat for the breakfast at sunset . SO, imagine the uproar at the date stands ! I know that Ramadan is very near because I saw my first date stand yesterday . On your mark , get set , GO !

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Rose Bud said...

Missing Ramanda there. Missing you all. I DON'T miss the gas tanks! lol