Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hot As Hell

I took Moe to the gym today. When I stepped out of the building I was slapped in the face by a blast of air that was straight out of Hell . I am talking hot . That was at 9:30 a.m. and as the day got longer , it got hotter .
The yahoo weather said it was up to 108 F , with hot winds blowing out of the Sahara at 10 miles an hour , which to my reckoning , that would make it seem as if it was well over 110 F , AT LEAST . More of the same for tomorrow it said . Oh no ! Just imagine those guys that work in the dessert ! Poor Kamal . I bet he has turned into a crispy critter by now ! It was so hot that no sweat would form on the body . It would evaporated before it could cool off the body .
I had to drive to the side of town where it is all open . The winds had kicked up enough dust to do any dust devil proud . At one point I thought I had slipped off the face of the known world , the sand was so thick I couldn't hardly see to drive . The a.c. was going at it hammer and tongs , trying to cool the car , but it was totally useless ! When I got back to the sea , the air was so hot it was causing the sea to throw off steam ,which in turn was making clouds . Sorta cool , if it hadn't been so hot to enjoy ! Thought I would treat myself to a ice cream cone , but wouldn't you know it ? Everyone else on this side of town had the same idea , no ice cream ! Can't wait until Friday when it is supposed to be a normal 100 F again . Stay cool .

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Rose Bud said...

we didn't get the hurricane and not too much heat this week.