Wednesday, August 15, 2007



I heard something today that struck a cord .It went sorta like this ," Hope is the absence of a plan " .In other words , if you only hope something will /or not happen that is really because you haven't a plan to carry out your wishes , desires ,or whatever. Is this true ?

We are taught to always have a Plan B . And what is Hope but not another word for Plan B ? And a Plan B is only a disguise for Faith .Someone has always told me all my life to have Faith , that the outcome will be good if only I have enough Faith in God / Allah / Jehovah , take your pick , because it doesn't matter it's all the same Entity . Haven't we all heard that saying "Faith moves mountains "? What does that mean exactly ?

So , what happens when Plan B / Faith fails us ? People go several ways in that case . They might have a increase in Faith / Plan B when things go south . Many declare they never really believed, to begin with, in Hope, that word again . They don't want to look foolish for having Faith when things don't turn out as Plan B'd .Sometimes people just continue to have Hope anyway . In Blind Faith .

There are all kinds of quotes on Hope from Emily Dickens to Anderson Copper the news reporter .Whether or not you have Faith / Hope / Plan B you must admit that the ultimate mystery is the ability to trust so blindly that your trust will not be betrayed . How far will you trust your Fate to such a iffy thing that you are unable to see , touch, hold in the palm of your hand ? That is the definition of Hope .


Khadijateri said...

You've been watching too much Oprah!

on the edge said...

I know you don't watch Oprah , since all your time is spent on the computer , lol ! I guess you are safe from being Oprahized !