Saturday, August 25, 2007

What's One Of The Most Unusual Thing You Ever Saw

I recently read Mr. Leon Hale's blog . He is a newspaper features columnist for The Houston Chronicle . He said that one of his readers had asked him what was the most unusual thing that he has ever seen . He said it was one time when he and his partner were hiking through the English countryside. They came across an English couple making love on top of a levee in a heavily wooded area . The couple saw them and didn't stop . He said he and his partner just went around them as if they were not there. The surprise to Mr. Hale was that this was in England , and not France . He felt that if this had happened in France it would have been business as usual .The fact that this had happened in England he felt was uncharateristic behavior for the " stiff upper lip Englishman " . So , that was his story of one of the most unusual things he ever saw .

I want to tag you and ask the same question . What was one if the most unusual thing you have ever seen , so far ? For me it was possibly the sight of small ships being built in the semi desert outside of Tripoli where there wasn't any water to be found for kilometers . Normally a ship yard is adjacent to water ,or at least close enough to launch the boat / ship . Ok , now it is your turn . Try not to make it too racy, I don't want anyone to have a heart attack !


Rose Bud said...

I think for me it would be an old man and old lady riding on the same bike AND she was in her Farajia!

Rose Bud said...

I think it was an old man and old woman riding on the same bike peddling down the road in Libya. She was even wearing her Farajia!