Thursday, April 10, 2008

On Edginess

On Edginess

I thought you might want to see the progress on The Wall ..... very slow .The man that is building it promised completion in two weeks . I knew that wasn't possible but this is slow even for Libya . They say Patients is a virtue , so I must be very Virtuous !

I just returned from taking Moe to the gym . I prefer to think it was actually an escape from Death .Today is Thursday the equivalent to Friday in the Western country's .Everyone drives especially crazy on Thursdays here . The later in the day the worse it gets .People rushing to go to work ,so they can rush to go home early , so they can rush to go out early in the evening .Rush, rush, rush, stop go driving . People short on patients .Weaving in and out of traffic , slamming on the car brakes in a screech . Dodging the drivers that never were taught the rules in the drivers handbook .Want adventure ? Come drive here on a Thursday !

To make all this worse there is a low pressure system over Libya now . It has caused shortened tempers to rise at a drop of a hat . The air is still and oppressive, smothering to breath . The sky is a brown smog that limits your view of any distance . Just looking at it is depressing .So far it is not too hot but I see on the weather widget it is supposed to turn very hot soon . The ants know the weather is turning , they are all over everything gathering whatever they can find to stock up before their little world disaster hits them .

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