Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stupid Libyan Man Day

Yesterday was STUPID LIBYAN MAN DAY !!!!! I am sure it must have been a national holiday . I want to apologize to ANY Libyan man that escaped being stupid yesterday . If you were not struck down with this disease , then Al Humdullallah !!!! Count your blessings because ALL the Libyan men I personally know were either down right retarded , or just plain stupid all day yesterday . I was never so profoundly glade to see the sunset as I was yesterday !!!!!!! I hope this is like a leap year thing that only happens every four years or so .

My horoscope , that I take with a grain of salt normally , you know for chuckles and grins I read the thing , was sooo correct yesterday . It said that PROBLEMS would arise .Understatement of the year ! Then it said that I should face all difficulties with a sense of humor . I normally try to do that anyway , laugh things off . One crisis turned into two , then three , then four . I was snarling more than laughing toward the end of the day .When I thought I could not take any more drama, I tried to take a nap to avoid becoming a mass murderer . Wouldn't you know , the door bell rang . I naively opened the door thinking the sunset has come , now things have got to look up , HA ! There stood STUPID TROUBLE # 5 ! I turned it over to STUPID TROUBLE #1 to handle and took myself for a ride in the car to escape ALL STUPID TROUBLES .

Today was a great day . Stupidity has been vanished from ALL TROUBLES # 's 1,2,4,& 5 . Unfortunately I don't think there is much hope for # 3 . And the weather has had a turn for the better today also . Cool again . Hope that last for a while . Ok , phew ! I feel much better now that's off my chest ! Inshallah ( God Willing ) your country doesn't have a national Stupidity Day .Oh my GOD .... what if this catching and now all the women get it ? Will there be a vaccine in time to save womankind ?


lisa said...

I don't quite get it but I think I know exactly what you mean! Have had those days too; unfortunately for me the disease seems to have crossed nationality AND gender...(sigh)...hope all is better soon - extra hope for #3:)

PH said...

LoL funny post .... some days are just like that, every thing seems to be going wrong and nobody seems to get you :P.

Anyway glad its over, wa salaam

MusicLover said...

I was laughing when I was reading your post because there is another Libyan blogger talking about Ajnabiyiat.

Poor my parents, being called Stupid and Ajnabiyia in a single week.

Doobie Brothers

on the edge said...

Thanks for all the comments !It had been a terrible day .All is well now , lol ! I read the same blog post on
Ajnabiyiat also and it made me angry .I didn't mean this post to be insulting to anyone .